Donald Trump Has Lost All Touch with Reality Less Than Six Months in Office

Does it feel to you, as it does to me, that we are in WW III and so far, Russia wins, USA loses? The little, spoiled, obnoxious boy with orange hair who looks like an adult, throws his political weight around thinking he, and he alone, is in charge and knows what to do in order to make the USA stronger. He only weakens our nation from inside, while increasing the powerful forces from outside. 

Bob Cesca catches the story line of tRump's machinations revealing an unhealthy citizenry with a deluded elected leader who creates havoc on the "American Dream", whatever that is.   

"Donald Trump Has Lost All Touch with Reality Less Than Six Months i...

"Everything that's real is fake, and everything that's fake is real.

By Bob Cesca / Salon June 13, 2017, 7:49 AM GMT

"We can’t repeat this enough: The United States and our democratic institutions were attacked by a hostile foreign power, yet President Donald Trump refuses to do a damn thing about it. Not only is he still infuriatingly chummy with the Russians, gifting them (without reciprocation) classified intelligence inside the Oval Office and reopening housing compounds that serve as bases for Russian spies. He won’t even acknowledge as legitimate the very basic nut of the story, that Russia hacked the 2015-16 election cycle. Never mind the question of possible collusion for now. The Russians attacked us and there’s copious evidence to prove it.

"Trump and all Trump’s men have to be held accountable, otherwise we might as well resign ourselves to believing our democracy is owned and operated by the Kremlin. We can’t allow Trump’s delusions to become American delusions. The bedtime story Trump is telling has to end and end the right way — or else.

"Trump held a Cabinet meeting on Monday morning where he asked his department-level secretaries to offer allegedly unsolicited praise for him and to express effusive gratitude for the honor of serving Trump personally.

"Vice President Mike Pence said serving Trump was “the great honor of [his] life.”

"Chief of staff Reince Priebus, who’s fighting for his job, said, “Thank you for the blessing you’ve given us.”

The obvious flaw of tRump's method is to tear down the old before creating the newer, "better" model, leaving behind confusion compounded with the lack of a this suposedly superior version. Even in construction of new buildings to replace old ones, detailed plans exist defining even the smallest detail. Trump lacks the ability to work as a team or as a team leader. His style is the opitome of authoritarianism. 


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Trump’s world of make-believe: 

* If all these serious faithful think “Trump is the greatest president God ever created, then it must be true!”

* “Trump expects everyone to believe there might be tapes of his one-on-one meetings with former FBI Director James Comey.”

* “If the tapes exist, Trump would release them. But releasing the tapes is irrelevant because as long as his base believes Comey is what Trump claimed — a crazy, cowardly grandstander who’s obviously lying about the meetings — then pretending that such tapes might exist is enough for the voters who matter.”

* In Trump’s world of make believe, there weren’t 3 million illegal Hillary Clinton voters, 

*nor did former President Barack Obama have Trump’s “wires tapped.” 

* The tax reform bill Trump says is being negotiated doesn’t actually exist

* The American Health Care Act (also known as “Trumpcare”) will not provide health insurance to more people and will ultimately leave tens of millions of people with no coverage among other terrible things.“

*Trump’s tweets about the “travel ban” won’t help his chances in court and only make matters worse for the future of his executive order.”

* “Trump praised his record on jobs so far: While 1.1 million new jobs have been created since Election Day, 1.3 million jobs were created during the previous seven months during former President Barack Obama’s administration.”

* Trump has forgotten about the supposedly “real” unemployment rate he mentioned so often during the campaign,”  

* Trump insists the Democrats are feckless, rudderless failures who can’t get anything done yet they’re also effectively obstructing his entire agenda despite the fact that the GOP controls everything.“  

*S}orry, James Comey is telling the truth.”

Your writing on this is spot on, Joan. Your first paragraph sums up my feelings exactly.

What we have here is a conman tearing us down from the inside and that appears to be how he is going to "make America great again." The alarming thing is all the ass kissers that want to help him do this. Some are close to him in his administration and some outside of it and around us daily as we go to work. They seem so flattered that they are proud to "breath the same air" that he does. Ones I talk to see no problem with "presidential tweets" and they try to defend him in this. I say he's not very presidential. Maybe he will make announcements on Facebook soon. That should make everyone happy. For the kiddies we could have him appear with "Barney and Friends."

Not realizing the trouble is is in, he wants to make it worse now by firing the special council who is investigating him. Is he mentally ill? Did Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon do that? Would such an action make him look more guilty or maybe more kingly? This dominionist doesn't even think.

Then we have Sessions wanting permission to go after "medical marijuana." He just can't wait until they let him loose to do this. At 71 my greatest fear is not found in preventing people from smoking a weed that grows wild in fields. That whole idea is just silly.

Once we get into silliness we can go to the tRump idea of a wall between us and Mexico. (That will create jobs.) We can stay busy after that doing a wall around every state just like the borders are laid out on maps of the USA. That could be an ongoing project. Maybe the disillusioned coal miners in Kentucky can get in on that job because only an idiot would believe it to be practical to bring coal mining back. (I forgot on that one - we elected an idiot.)

Then we have healthcare that is to be dismantled and replaced with something "better" by giving a tax cut to the rich and giving us all something less than we had before. The approach on doing this is sort of like a car going down the highway at 100 mph with you inside, and it will be tore down and rebuilt around you without any harm to anyone. It's ridiculous.

It's time the idiots stopped talking party. It's time that both parties got together to work these things out and do something. We, the people, should put our feet down and demand that they do something. Vote them out if they refuse. If we do not act soon it might become impossible to vote them out. We do not need the new Amerigod. We do not need Fascism.

A blind man could see it with a cane.
-- Dr. Leonard H. ("Bones") McCoy

Donald John Trump is suited to the presidency the way I'd be suited to donning a tutu and dancing in the Bolshoi, which of course is to say, not at all.  His behavior in the White House resembles a bull in a china shop, except that his destructive efforts aimed at health care, women's rights and the environment are clearly not random but purposeful.  Worse, they are guided by a wing of the Republican party so reactionary that they would have the US return to the days before FDR's New Deal, while forgetting the ravages of the Great Depression which their kind had fomented.

The most serious and egregious of his offenses are not the above, though.  Trump's biggest issue is that this change in position for places him in a position he is unused to.  He has been his own boss for longer than some people have been breathing, and as head of the Trump organization, he could play "dictator" all he wanted.  His presupposition that that status continues while he occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is badly mistaken, however.  As a matter of fact, every US president since Washington has answered to the same supervisor:


and Trump is only now beginning to recognize the change in status ... in all likelihood entirely too late. Certainly the GOP has been attempting to step and fetch for him, but even some of them realize the mistake in leadership he represents. They will be slow to abandon the hard-fought win they gained over Hillary and the Democrats, but at some point or other, they will have to acknowledge the potential for catastrophic damage, both to the government and the country represented by Trump.

And even as they are loath to do so, they will be forced to act.

For them (or at least their paymasters) said catastrophic damage is a feature, not a bug.

Well, Bertold. as with so many other such situations, they will only act when THEY are threatened ... and slowly but surely, there are those in the GOP who are beginning to awaken to that threat.

It sounds like the child in the White House thinks of himself as some kind of god, and many people in the country also think he is.  

If I'm wrong with this statement it will not be the first time.  It seems to me the one of, if not the largest, groups of Trump supporters is the evangelical right.  If this section of our population were to get it's way about religion it would set up an extremely ironic situation in this country.  We would become a country which was populated in large part by the descendants of people coming here for religious freedom, to a country where people are leaving because of the lack of religious freedom.




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