Donald Trump proves he is a fascist dictator, by declaring a national emergency because of his ego

Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency were no emergency exists.
The number of immigrants crossing America's southern border is at a 47 year low.

Terrorists and drugs are entering mostly through legal points of entry and by boat so it is more a coast guard problem and not a border wall issue.

So the only reason for Trump's national emergency is because he promised a wall, thus it is entirely ego driven.

Only a wannabe fascist dictator would overrule the constitution and congress to support his ego.

And his excuses for his action is extremely irrational and proving to the world that Donald Trump either has a very low intelligence or he is mentally insane.

Which makes us wonder why they haven't invoked the 25th Amendment already.

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Donald J. Trump, Feb. 15, 2019: 

     "I didn't need to do this. I just want to get it done faster, that's all."

He admitted, by his own words, that the "national emergency" is a fraud.

Your Honor, I rest my case.

We can hope that the Supreme Court has a shred of rational jurisprudence left, and will uphold principles other than "It's OK if you're a Republican."

Not only that admission, he knows full well that the number of immigrants crossing their Southern border is the lowest in 47 years, thus if there were an emergency, it was almost 50 years ago.

So it is  a fake National Emergency, which will land him in court as senators in states that need the funding for actual emergencies like California's bush fire relief and prevention will sue Trump for his false emergency declaration that will deprive them of disaster relief funding.

Trump's  ego is costing the country billions. 

In other words, he wants to circumvent the checks and balances which are the foundation of our government because Baby Donnie Wants It NOW!!!  He has no respect for government or its rules and regulations.  All he knows is what he wants and that he wants it NOW, and in that regard, he is no better than a squalling baby in its crib, upset 'cuz it wants its ba-ba.

What demonstrates the mentality of Trump is a 6ft 1inch person claiming to be 6' 3".

Which is obvious to anybody who sees him standing beside others like Obama who is 6' 1.5", and slightly taller than Trump. 

Such pitiful egotistical posturing only demonstrates that Trump has a serious mental illness.

His NPD is out of control.

The single biggest problem with Trump is that he believes his own bullshit.  He decides that the US needs a wall on its southern border; therefore there HAS to be a wall, whether Mexico or John Q. Public pays for it.  He thinks that he can succeed in negotiating with North Korea where everyone else has failed; therefore he HAS succeeded (in his own mind), while Kim Jung-un continues to develop weapons-capable ICBMs.  He's the greatest, most accomplished president of all time ... for no other reason than Because He Says So.

And the saddest part of all this is that the hardest bitch-slap in the world couldn't wake him out of his delusion.  Donald Trump is his own biggest True Believer.

And when he's jailed for his assorted high crimes and misdemeanors, it'll all be because of a vast unjust conspiracy against him, by people jealous of his "success".

(picture of Trump) I'm going to serve two terms - one in federal prison and one in New York State prison

TRUMP 2020 [mock campaign sign] 20 for obstruction, 20 for treason

Ha Ha Grinning, likely very close to the truth.
At least the orange jumpsuit will suit his fake complexion. :-D~
Ha Ha Grinning, likely very close to the truth.
At least the orange jumpsuit will suit his hair and fake complexion. :-D~




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