Donald Trump WANTS TO BE a Fascist Dictator. He Hasn’t Succeeded But He Keeps Trying.

He’s trying to pee on every tree in the forest, which shows how inadequate he feels.

I say choose your words carefully.

In 1787, because the word “fascist” had not been invented, the anti-Centralists (read “anti-Federalists) in the Constitutional Convention predicted an aristocracy. (Look for details in a post below.)

Don’t assume the anti-Centralists were free-thinkers. They were not.

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Governeur Morris. The first branch, originating from the people, will ever be subject to precipitancy, changeability and excess. To check this, the second branch ought to be composed of men of great and established property--an aristocracy. (July 2)

John Mercer. It is a first principle in political science that where the rights of property are secured, aristocracy will grow. Elective governments also become aristocratic because the rulers will draw advantage for themselves from the many. Public measures are calculated for the benefit of the governors, not of the people. The people change their rulers, but it is only a change from one scheme of advantage for those who rule to another. (August 14)

George Mason. In the House of Representatives there is not the substance but the shadow only of representation. This constitution will begin a moderate aristocracy. It is at present not possible to foresee whether it will produce a monarchy or a corrupt and oppressive aristocracy. It will most probably vibrate for some years between the two and then end in one or the other. (September 15)

For more from America's founders, search on Farrand Records of the Federal Convention of 1787. Their remarks are in date order in Volumes 1 and 2.

Very few people are actually 'Free Thinkers', not even the majority of those who consider themselves as 'Free Thinkers' actually are.

There is a problem with being a 'Free Thinker' in that without a basis for grading one's thinking, any thoughts and concepts are acceptable, and none are bad.
Because things are bad, only according to some grounded measure of good and bad.

So to call anything bad, means you are not thinking freely.
I had a friend who was a genuine 'Free Thinker', and words for them are Nihilists and Sophists.
They exist in an intellectual quandary where there is no good or bad, no meaning to anything.

I'm an evidentialist in that I ground my philosophy / beliefs on evidence.
That means I'm not truly a free thinker, as my thinking is bound to what I perceive as valid evidence.
Though I could also be called a Rational Evidentialist, and rationalists are not 'Free Thinkers' as they base their thinking on what is rational.

America now an oligarchy, not an aristocracy.

An aristocracy or a nation led by well educated and wise leaders as in Plato's Republic would be way better than the oligarchy that exists today.

Trump may not have succeeded yet but the Koch brothers wouldn't mind it if he did. They want to turn over everything that they think was bothering them. Find it all in a book called "Dark Money." 

Trump evidently had a dummy spit.

Kim Jong-Un doesn't love Trump as much as Trump hoped.
He won't admit it, but Trump was obviously being used. ;-D~




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