For fifteen years the U.S. military have held strong to a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” toward gay people. This is a growing unpopular policy amongst civilians and the President has stated that he will be getting rid of this policy. He has the support of congress so what do you think? I personally think, being in the military myself, the policy should have never existed and that gays should have the right to openly serve in our military.

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As a former member of the armed forces, I served with many gay and lesbian service persons. I found their sexual proclivity as much a non issue as someones faith or non faith. However knowing how certain groups in the military behave, I would worry for the safety of a service person who was "out". If the military is representitive of the entire population, shouldn't all persons be included?
Dont ask don't tell and it's predecessor of total abolition of gays in the military, which Eisenhower adopted has always been political candy for christian votes. Fortunately, it now looks bad to support the ban so politically it actually is something that has to be repealed.
I was once in the marine corps and I also feared for openly gay marines for good reason. One was sent to the er for "falling out of bed" and getting a concussion. He didn't fall out of bed. Homo-phobia run rampant in the military and I have spoken to people who would have a problem in a war-time situation with a gay guy. (People were always okay with lesbians.) That notwithstanding, I think "don't ask don't tell" should be squashed and the homo-phobics need to get over it. Your sex life does not effect your ability to work. I have seen many able-bodied marines get kicked out for what can only be described as discrimination.

Hey Keia, I just want to follow this conversation, studying this issue. I differ on a few points from the vast majority of Atheists out there. I have gay friends, it does not change how i feel about them at all, I support equality and rights. I just do not see why we need to put our service people into a hostile work environment. I am also against Gay Marriage, though I do support Civil Unions. I am against Gay adoption of foster children. Why do we need to bring innocent minors below the age of 18 into the problem, why should we have to roll model homosexuality for them. I have no problem with people being gay. I draw the line when it starts affecting other people's rights. I know that I am not the only Atheist out there with these views, but it troubles me how I am one of the few.

I saw Don't Ask Don't Tell as a kinds of transition from banning gays in the military to acceptance. Other countries have gays that openly serve in the military and our solders are every bit as professional as they are and most will be able to handle it. Many already knew gays they were serving with before DADT was lifted so little will change, it will just be more out in the open.

Joseph Mitchell, although I disagree with your views on this I'm glad you're speaking your mind. I'm also in the minority in the Atheist community as a conservative and pro-life Atheist.

Hi there Andrew, it was very refreshing to hear from you the other day, although the notification did not show up right, I accidentally discovered it. I was not able to learn much from your profile today. I have heard of the Pro Life Atheist and sometimes enjoy reading about them. I am not real-real conservative, not real-real pro-life, but I am very glad to know there are some of those out there. As usual I wind up falling in the middle or becoming independant sometimes when both sides have plusses and minuses. Well, it was very good to hear your comment the other day. Have a good night.

"I support equality and rights" and "I am also against Gay Marriage though I do support Civil Unions". There is a serious disconnect between those two statements isn't there? Either you believe that there should be no discrimination or you don't.

You also say "Why do we need to bring innocent minors below the age of 18 into the problem, why should we have to roll model homosexuality for them" So homosexuality is a problem now is it? Why wouldn't a loving committed gay or lesbian couple be as good a role model as a hetero couple?

Sorry mate.. these aren't atheist or non atheist views you are talking about but just bigoted ones in my book.


I agree with the above posts. There should be no reason why GLBT people should not be able to server, but agree that they may be targeted by fellow soldiers. However, that is true in civilian life as well. I think the homophobes should be kicked out, not the other way around. Why should everyone cater to their hang-ups?
The last time I checked, gays and lesbians are apart of this country. If they want to serve in the military, than we should appriecate that they want to help protect the country. That's alot more than what many christians would do!

Obama I was pretty sure already did away with Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Gays can now openly serve in the military, which is awesome.

To Atheists that are against gay marriage and open homosexuality in the military, and gay adoption, because you 'don't think kids under 18 should be dragged into it'. . . you are teaching them that gays are not equal. You're dragging them into it when a kid asks 'Emily's daddies love each other but they say they can't be married like you and mommy, why not?' and you have to explain to them it's because people don't think they're equal. Kids do not think twice about this kind of stuff if you get it over with when they're young. "Why does Emily have two daddies?", "Because her daddies love each other and love her." - "Oh, can I have some popcorn?"

Seriously. Kids are TAUGHT bigotry and intolerance, they do not inherently look at other people, even gays, as not equal. Love is love. Teach your kids that love is love and this isn't an issue.

Gay parents have shown themselves to be every bit as capable, and sometimes more, than straight families - especially dysfunctional ones. You're against gay adoption because you, what? Want to leave more kids sitting in adoption centers waiting for a loving family to take them when there are thousands of gay couples ready to give them a loving home? Sorry, screw you.

Someone on FB shared a pastor saying they should setup an underground railroad to take kids away from same-sex parents! Ugh! You know, I think the fundy pastors are getting scared their hold is slipping over their precious congregation. I can't believe the nerve of some people!

Hmmm ... "take kids away from same-sex parents," eh?  I think there's a term for such action ... Kidnapping, anyone?




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