Have you heard about the new S. Court ruleing that allows unlimited funding of political champaines by big corps.?  Am I alone in being frightened and appauled?

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shame, USA still not so united in regards to mind control(s) issues...
Although this SCOTUS ruling gives even more power to corporations to influence the outcome of political campaigns, it does not directly introduce new mechanisms to the political machine.

Previously, even when corporations were not allowed to contribute to candidates or political campaigns directly there were workarounds in place in the form of Political Action Committees (PAC)s.

I'm very concerned about the apparent lack of funding limits imposed here, however. If the corporation is afforded the right of free speech as an individual would be, then why is the corporation not subject to the same restrictions? As an individual, I am only allowed to give $30K to a party or $5K to a committee per year.

Isn't this a violation of my freedom of speech?
Does anyone know why this restriction doesn't apply to corporations?
Does anyone know why this restriction doesn't apply to corporations?

Because that would defeat the purpose of giving the corporations unlimited power over elections?
does this mean that the corps have more rights than people even foreign corps
In this area, Corps do have more rights than real people. I don't think we should blame SCOTUS. In this instance it was interpreting existing law. It's up to Congress to correct the law.




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