Have you heard about the new S. Court ruleing that allows unlimited funding of political champaines by big corps.?  Am I alone in being frightened and appauled?

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Just another way they can reach out an control our lives. I fear for humanity.
So you only just noticed ?
NO I noticed a long time ago. The "highest court in the land" just gave permission.
My only desire is that in history's retelling of the second glorious burning of Rome; not everyone is reduced to the same level of ineffable fucking stupidity of the unwashed sheepled masses ...

Some of us have paid attention and protested, but lone calls from the wilderness do little to startle the herd.
Freedom you are right. some of us do pay attention, but we don't do anything. We (nontheist), as a comunity need to come together and make our voices heard. We can also join with the Pagan commuity. our voices together will be heard. don't be affraid. WE NEED TO NETWORK, I'm OLD (53) DON'T KNOW HOW, PLEASE HELP
Bill Gates may be the richest individual, but he is no match for a group of corporations. We are talking hundreds of billions.

Although, as others have argued in this thread, this has been going on for at least a hundred years. The oil industry largely determined the two terms of GW Bush. The Supreme Court has just made things more open. Now people will not be able to pretend that big money does not buy elections. Only a constitutional amendment and real political reform can change it. The silver lining is that this decision could lead to real reform.
some people are already mobilizing. you can sign this online petition here if you like.

Signed and Facebooked.

Though I feel damn helpless. Us little folk up against a SCOTUS decision. And to boot, a decision that directly hinders the election of anyone opposed to that decision to represent us little folk.

My hopes are not very high right now.
Same here...This is very worry some indeed.
I should probably be posting this on the Atheist/Socialist group site, but since it came up here.....

The corporatate oligarchy that runs this country has been moving wealth and power to an ever decreasing number of people. The total of the diversified mortgage lending exceeds all of the money in circulatiion on this planet. America and its citizens are broke, and we are now effectively vassals of the ruling elite. Our media is in the hands of that oligarchy, and the supposedly "liberal" media is there only to give us a warm fuzzy feeling that we have any control over our gov't. We attached Iraq to funnel $3trillion to the defense industry and get there oil back into the pipeline and because Iraq and now Iran(our next target)will only trade oil in Euros, the started their own oil bourse, or commodity trading market. Bank and stock market failures are all orchestred, with collusion among the big players and the Federal Reserve bank. This is just one more nail in our coffin, and nothing short of a socialist revolution will change anything. Thomas Jefferson recommeded a revolution for every generation. We are about fifteen generations late.
Rome is certainly burning. ...but i'm trying hard to not be cynical but it's so (hilariously) hard at this point.
I always wondered what it would have been like to be a neighbour of the Roman Empire and watch it collapse... now it seems I might have ringside seats to Rome part Deux. I wonder who will declare themselves Caesar first.




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