I'd like to put up a 'doomed' topics thread. There are two considerations here, first is whether the list should be posted at all. Second is what topics might be on the list.

What is a 'doomed' topic? First, it is not a 'banned' topic. Free speech and the free market of ideas should reign. However, we all want reasonable and interesting topics of discussion. 'Doomed' topics are those that are 'doomed' to be smashed immediately. They are also 'doomed' in that the most likely outcome is an unpleasant, vitriolic flame fest. Nobody wants that.

The 'doomed' list allows the opportunity to reduce discussions to - "that's a 'doomed topic, see the list and don't waste our time." It would also help to reduce the likelihood of even having the discussion, especially if we point out helpful and succinct links. Lastly, it affords the opportunity to build the skeptic/science credibility of A|N.

Below are a few potential doomed topics, just by way of example. If the list is a good idea and A|N leadership wants it, we'll have a totally separate discussion/forum to finalize the list.


Potential Doomed Topics
9-11 was an inside job aka "9-11 Truth"
Anti-vaccine/vaccines cause autism
God exists, gods exists, supernatural beings exist
Astrology, psychic powers exist
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) works (acupuncture, chiropractic, magnets, etc)
Aliens/UFOs have visited the Earth
Monsters exist (Nessie, Big Foot, etc)
Creationism is science
The Holocaust never happened or was only a few hundred thousand jews at most
The Moon landing was a hoax
Abstinence only education works
Climate change isn't happening or isn't caused by humans
Homosexuals are bad people or can choose to be heterosexual

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I officially dub this a 'doomed' topic.

No, seriously. There's a guy here that has this sort of thing under control. Just cross-reference your list Potential Doomed Topics with real discussions that have been posted and you'll run across him pretty quickly.




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