Doomsday Prophet Harold Camping retires from his Rapture ministry

le his Family Radio Corporation is neither confirming or denying it, several news sources report today that Harold Camping, whose predicted May 21 and Oct. 21 rapture and end of the world failed to materialize, has retired from his radio ministry.


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Oh, gee ... I suppose that means we won't have Harold Camping to kick around anymore, will we?


That's good -- he finally quit! Of course only after taking money from all his followers.
No, HE is the bad person.
I wouldn't feel too sorry for Harold Camping. His Family Radio Inc., took in more than $80 million (mostly in donations) just between 2003 and 2007 according to MSNBC. The take from the lastest Rapture prediction dwarfed even that.

He gave up? So he takes the 80 million in has little red wagon and goes home? Interesting.

One has to wonder how his followers feel about being taken to the cleaners like this,especially those who gave up their life savings.


October the 21st was looking to be a normal day. Harold Camping was expecting the end of the world...when all of a sudden (dramatic music)...NOTHING HAPPENED!! (more dramatic music)
If he had really believed the world was going to end, he would feel obligated to keep telling people about it. This means he didn't believe his own predictions either.
Especially when he took a vacation during the first "rapture".
And that's the sad part...Lots more will be waiting for their chance to fleece the sheep and the sheep never have a clue.

Yep...plenty of mentally unstable cretins out there in cybertube land, more then enough to fill Camping's slot, after all it is a very good and profitable bizzyness, the lawd' only helps those who help themselves after-all...allegedly!


You only have to glance at their various web sites to realise these folk are compulsive obsessive ding bats.

All glaring and clashing bright unfortunate colours in text and headlines. and  a cascade of gushing  out of context and out of synch biblical scriptural quotes.


And always with a rambling incoherent commentary slant that somehow stinks of right-wing politics and an unhealthy almost toxic obsession with  Israel, nuclear weapons and Obama.

The calculations....that prove the rapture countdown... are astounding in their utter naivete and more often then not appeals for cash to fight the good fight appear on the last few pages of dribble.


Many...ALL of the predictions have failed, despite fulsome and insistent assertions that this really is it...except it never is...and usually because there seems to be an endless cornucopia of tricky and overlooked scriptural segments that always push the rapture day further down the calender.

Most sites I have found are around the third or fourth attempt to get it right...funnily enough not one has even got in the ballpark...does not stop them requesting cash so they can re-do the figures and parade their new calculations on bill boards around a underwhelmed populace apart from the woo addled mentally challenged that is...who wail and whine about a secular conspiracy.

Sad point is without the really stupid frightened god soaked jeebus drooling masses....these charlatans would just dry up and blow away...maybe become bankers!

But as long as the market is there these con artists will thrive and profit....tis what they do like parasitic fleas they drink the blood of the deluded by scaring the crap out of them!







Hhe apologized for being wrong,but rest assured,he's keeping the money.

Camping should be in prison.  He did far worse than yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, and people died because of it.  Why isn't he being held accountable?

'Why isn't he being held accountable?'


Because Christians are never accountable....all is the will of their fictitious sky pimp!

Anything can be 'blamed' on their delusion and they are just really poor pawns in a greater plan that they can not possibly know cos all the detail is in the mind of their brain fart which is un-smellable?

That is when it all goes tits up that is...if they hit the other side of the probability bell curve and it turns out to be in line with their expectations cos they prayed hard enough, they claim to have been blessed by their delusion...tis a win win situation,


The number of folk that undergo medical treatment are all cured thanks to some invisible fairy not the surgeons and doctors with the nurses and the decades of research and skilled technique development that takes phenomenal dedication in human terms!

Some dingbats even skip the medical intervention completely and just rely on the power of prayer.

Usually and predictably, as considered  by rational minds, with tragic results.

But all is god's will so all is fine and dandy.

And contrary to theist claims the numbers 'cured' by prayer would not make it past the significant column in treatment analysis.

In fact some studies have shown that prayer actually makes the situation deteriorate.


Like Rick (with a silent P) Perry actually proclaiming in August that the Texan sheeple are to have a mass prayer  circle jerk for an end to the drought that had been an exceptional and as far as statistics suggest  still is, that worked a treat did it not...oh and apparently Rick (with a silent P) decided in those conditions of hot and arid that it would be a fine and logical move to reduce the Texan fire department budget...cos you know they are a waste of tax payers cash that could easily fund a creation museum or something!


So Xians are not responsible especially for erroneous predictions cos god moves in mysterious ways...but in order to comprehend his mysterious ways send cash or check because divination of numbers and biblical scripture costs money...lots of it cos you won't need it where your going anyway cos everything from hamburgers to call boys is free and on the house of god..if you are a good xian and send cash that is!


Scam and double scam.






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