Dr Ben Carson knows less about Biology than many First Year Students.

Evolution is the basis of all modern Biology.

Thus to understand biology properly, it pays to understand Evolution.

Ben Carson although a neurosurgeon, does not understand Evolution.

Thus Ben Carson does not understand Biology, which is the basis of understanding what goes on in the Brain.

Dr. Ben Carson may know his way around the brain, which is all he really needs to know to operate.

But, he doesn't understand the biological fundamentals of how the brains he works on developed.

How they started as simple brains, to fish brains then updated to lizard brains and then added on a mammalian brain then developed improved structures and enlarged frontal lobes to give us the wondrous brains humans now have.

All these developments are beyond the intellect of Dr. Ben Carson.

Evidently he may be a great surgeon, but he really doesn't understand the mechanism he is operating on at any higher level than many first year students who understand Evolution.

Dr. Ben Carson is thus a disgrace to the medical profession!

As the medical profession's knowledge base is based on Evolution.

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I may be a little fallacious here, but it is as far as I'm concerned, for a good cause!

To help generate a little bit of controversy.

As it is one thing to teach a subject, like Dr. Carson does, but many teachers don't fully understand the subjects they are teaching, as we can also say about Carson.

Same goes for many Creationists who have scientific credentials, knowing the mechanics is different to knowing how the the mechanics formed  exist and why they function as they do. Sometimes inefficiently, as Evolution only struggles for survival and not efficiency.  As far as evolution is concerned, good enough for survival is all that is required of a change.

Carson understands the mechanics, just not the how and why they exist and function as they do.

They would be better off watching Robert Sapolsky videos than listening to Ben Carson, when it comes to understanding the fundamentals.

So I've got my tongue stuck in my Left cheek for this blog.   :-D~

First year student?  My eleven-year-old grandson has him beat on this -- and many other policy choices as well.

My daughter would destroy Carson in a contest on biology, as she has honours in Biomedical Research, as well as a very good understanding of evolution.

Where her knowledge of evolution is essential to her understanding of the development of the various organs and structures in biology.

Denial of evolution is bad enough in the average citizen, but in the person of Dr. Carson, whose livelihood once depended on an in-depth understanding of biology, it is inexcusable.  I would love to see a long-form discussion/debate between Carson and ... oh, someone like Richard Dawkins, an encounter which would leave Carson's worsted wool slacks loitering about his shoelaces!

This stupidity has got to STOP.

This stupidity has got to STOP.

Loren, I'm sure you are not proposing another Final Solution.

When you have moderated your indignation, consider encouraging people to outvote the Stupids.

Tom, where you get the idea I'm looking for a "final solution," I have no idea. I simply want to embarrass the daylights out of these idiots until they get the idea that being stupid in public doesn't pay off.


1. I wrote I'm sure you are not proposing another Final Solution.

2. You won't embarrass the daylights out of all of America's idiots.

3. Those you don't embarrass will continue being stupid in public.

4. Idiots are constantly being born and you won't embarrass them.

In short, stupidity will continue.

5. Set an impossible goal and you doom yourself to failure.

Okay, your short term goal is to express your indignation. You succeeded.

Engineers ! ! ! ! ! ! :=)

Tom, the way you talk, I'm wasting my time even trying, as is the FFRF, of which I am a member.  Yet they continue to have documented successes against said idiots in virtually every state in the US.  I'm contributing to that success by 1) being one of their ears here in Ohio and 2) supporting their campaign to keep church and state separate.  A few months ago, I helped secure rights to a FFRF billboard which will be staring GOP delegates in the face as they drive from Hopkins International Airport to downtown Cleveland during the month of the GOP convention.  I've participated in local events which help acquaint people with the FFRF and the Northern Ohio Freethought Society (NOFS) and taken action against governmental leaders who would attempt to violate church-state separation.  These may be small actions, but at least I'm taking them.

What are YOU doing?

The only avenue I have at my disposal, is to aim at embarrassing them.

Thus my blogs, as I know they are accessible via any Google search.

The hope is that citizens wanting to find out how to contact or support such clowns, stumble across such blogs and maybe decide that supporting them isn't such a great idea.

Though, if they need to find out how to support them, they probably won't understand such blogs anyway.


If any want to challenge my ad-hominem attacks, then Bring-It-On.

I'm reasonably sure I have enough ammunition for putting up a reasonable defence. 


DD, if Australia's idiots are as stupid as America's idiots, we homo semi sapiens are doomed.

I'm 84 and won't cry a whole lot longer.

Oh! Tom! Let's find ways to laugh, rejoice, celebrate, and be grateful! 

I know, I sound Pollyannish, but jeez, we have lived a long time, had some formidable challenges and now our best revenge is to be happy. 


Laugh? Sure. Laughing beats crying unless a close friend is crying.

Rejoice? Sure; only twice have medical folk touched me with a knife. One of them, dammit, circumcised this non-hebraic kid. The other one pursued an ingrown hair. Dammit again, neither used anesthetic.

Celebrate? Sure; echoing another veteran I know, today is another day in paradise.

Be grateful? I hear "Be grateful" often from an xian ex-paratrooper I know. When he learned of my atheism he chuckled and said I will come back to xianity when I'm near death. I told him to not hold his breath. A more serious offense is his saying Fox Noise seems "so sensible".

Pollyannish? Joan, I've read too many of your posts to believe this of you.

Lived a long time? Long enough to have found explanations for some of the events that decades ago puzzled me, such as why my mother said not one word about her early years.

Formidable challenges? One. It ended my innocence, ...in my 40s.

The best revenge is happiness. So very true.

Hm-mm, I didn't intend an essay.

BKTY (Be kind to y'self.)




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