Dr Ben Carson knows less about Biology than many First Year Students.

Evolution is the basis of all modern Biology.

Thus to understand biology properly, it pays to understand Evolution.

Ben Carson although a neurosurgeon, does not understand Evolution.

Thus Ben Carson does not understand Biology, which is the basis of understanding what goes on in the Brain.

Dr. Ben Carson may know his way around the brain, which is all he really needs to know to operate.

But, he doesn't understand the biological fundamentals of how the brains he works on developed.

How they started as simple brains, to fish brains then updated to lizard brains and then added on a mammalian brain then developed improved structures and enlarged frontal lobes to give us the wondrous brains humans now have.

All these developments are beyond the intellect of Dr. Ben Carson.

Evidently he may be a great surgeon, but he really doesn't understand the mechanism he is operating on at any higher level than many first year students who understand Evolution.

Dr. Ben Carson is thus a disgrace to the medical profession!

As the medical profession's knowledge base is based on Evolution.

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Pollyanna was a sook.  

She needed rose coloured glasses.




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