Dr. Daniel Dennett - Breaking the Spell - Lecture

Children learn what they see, hear and experience. If they grow up in a religious community, they learn ancient stories told and retold throughout thousands of years. The holy texts contain narratives and imperatives about their history, as remembered by adults who may or may not know the history of their traditions and values. 

Children raised in a secular home and environment see, hear and experience what the adults reveal. In both circumstances, an accurate and historically factual story often fails to prepare children for their adult decisions. By learning the history with factual elements told honestly and by determining the attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions and values of all cultures, children can make informed decisions as they mature into adulthood.   

Daniel Dennett breaks the spell of myth and fables as told by those who hold religious and secular beliefs. Knowledge, based on facts, can break the spells. 

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One of Dennett's last comments was:

“My one policy proposal

Education on world religions for all our children, in public and private schools, and home schooling.
History, creed, rituals, music, symbols, ethical commands and prohibitions. . . .

As long as you teach them this, you may teach your children whatever you want----as long as it doesn’t disable them from informing themselves further (through hatred or fear).”

Spud, I agree! It makes me wish I were still teaching; I would love to take on the topic. 

It's a hard one to call Joan. Do we teach the parents the error of their ways?, nigh on impossible. Education, ,no matter how difficult, is the only worthwhile target to aim for.


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