Dr. Kent Brantly, Ebola survivor thanks god, and doesn't mention science.

Dr. Kent BradleyQuote from Kent 

“God saved my life, a direct answer to thousands and thousands of prayers…Thank you to the Liberia community, Emory hospital and so many of you, my family, friends and church family.

Link to the article.

I just don't understand it.Good on him for wanting to help people, but thanking god and forgetting about all the thousands of medical researchers over the past hundred and fifty years or so is strange. Anyway, I just thought this interesting.

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Well over a thousand people in africa have died in this recent outbreak of Ebola. Most of them had difficult lives to begin with. Wouldn't a believer conclude that God cares more about the life of a white doctor than the lives of poor black natives? Is God a racist? Inquiring minds want to know.

Good point. It kind of makes me think Kent is an extremely selfish person now.




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