My wife absolutely loves Dr. Who.
So much so that she has a Sonic Screwdriver toy replica.

We've jokingly teased about her obsession many times. We've had discussions about what the Sonic Screwdriver can fix, etc...

Last night she snapped the handle on the toilet.
She demanded that I have it fixed within the day.

So I did.

Turns out Dr. Who's Sonic Screwdriver can fix toilets too, with help from an extra shoelace.

Heheheh, she will see that when she gets up in the morning.
Wish me luck.

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Geez. if she has a sonic screwdriver, why couldn't she fix it herself?
Owning a violin doesn't make you a musician. And the fuckin' manual is almost as thick as the booble.
hahahaha! Good point. What, pray tell, is a booble?

(I suspect this is a set-up.)
So... I had to make a coffee run to my wifes work to make up for this one.

She didn't quite see the humor that I did in using her Sonic Screwdriver replica (which apparently is discontinued) to flush the toilet.

... well... at least I thought it was funny.

Yeah, if the clock was reversed... I'd to it again. lol.
Oh well, toilet is properly fixed now.
And I'm forbidden from touching said sonic screwdriver again. heheh.

I'm using it as a flashlight in a sec to check cables behind the TV.
lol. If I break it, I'll be johnny on the spot with the soldering iron to repair it myself.

I wouldn't mind this.




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