I have written about this topic here on Atheist Nexus before and every so often it seems I have to write about it again. I hate doing it. Everyone comes to sites like Atheist Nexus for their own reasons. Mainly we are attracted to the idea of an online atheist community. Here we can talk to atheist friends, make new atheist friends, share thoughts and ideas with other atheists and help each other with our individual projects and even work together for joint projects. We are all friends here and that is what makes Atheist Nexus so great.

But every now and then there is some asshole who wants to bring the drama. These people tend to be more interested only in their own ego and so they want to make everything about them. They have their own ridged idea of what an atheist community should look like and have appointed themselves the censorship police.

I am not interested in drama. Personally, I would rather spend my time arguing against religion and in favor of science, reason, and humanism. But every now and then a drama whore comes along. I do my best to stay clear of these types of people because they have nothing of interest to say except that they don't like so and so and that they are going to bitch to a moderator about such and such.

This is an atheist community and we are all atheists. When it comes to criticizing religion and promoting reason, logic, and humanism we all ought to be on the same side. What can we do about these drama whores?

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"Drama"...I dont think that word means what you think it means...to paraphrase Princess Bride.

Posting an opinion or response to another comment with a thought out counter point is not, in my opinion, drama.

I'm simply arguing that "read more here so I can make $$" should not be allowed on A/N. I listed reasons why, but I can list them again if you would like.
And I listed reasons why I disagree.
My apologies to anyone whose reply gets cut off by me closing down this discussion. I don't have time to respond in full just now. Once I make a vague attempt at earning my keep, I'll be back.



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