May 20th is Draw Mohammed Day in response to the big stink over the South Park episode that showed Mohammed dressed as a bear.  I hope we get some good responses here.  I'm a lousy artist or I'd draw Mohammed on his hands and knees getting pronged in the backside by a large boar.  The Prophet would, of course, have a larg smile on his face!  I'm SUCH a rascal!!



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Wish could join the competetion. I have many wonderful ideas.
The prohibition on images of Mohammed in Islam strikes me as a very fragile thing. Up against the internet and the printing press, what would Muslims do if confronted with billions of images of the prophet? I think they'd ultimately simply have to change their minds about this stupid rule. We should start cranking out as many images of Mohammed as possible, not just on one day.

If you have a caged idiot who you know will bite off your finger if you poke it in there, do you poke anyway? And if you do..then who is the idiot?

But then, until islamic leaders are caged in cages made of public scorn, ridicule, and unpopularity, we are necessitated in the interest of the defense of reason to challenge their delusional assertions.
They're not a caged idiot's more of a homicidal maniac roaming freely.

OMG - that made my day!
A few people had the same idea as me: to give Mohammed the same treatment that Anonymous has been giving to Scientology.
I would much rather draw him as a pimp with his wives being scantily-clad, but their faces properly covered. >.> And yes, Aisha would be clearly prepubescent. Thing is that I'm just not as great at drawing as most of my friends.
Sounds pretty accurate. I've drawn some sexy burqa-ladies recently...maybe I should try this b/c I was also thinking of drawing Mohammed.
Not drawn but goes with the theme:

WHAT?! He's boink'n that girl and she's not wearing a bhurka?!




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