May 20th is Draw Mohammed Day in response to the big stink over the South Park episode that showed Mohammed dressed as a bear.  I hope we get some good responses here.  I'm a lousy artist or I'd draw Mohammed on his hands and knees getting pronged in the backside by a large boar.  The Prophet would, of course, have a larg smile on his face!  I'm SUCH a rascal!!



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love it!!

The DMD page on FB is back.

If I'm seeing this correctly this fellow is an African Bushman. The males, through some quirk of evolution, have a permanent erection!
hence the name Bushman?
Hey...this guy looks familiar.

HEY! That sunnuvabitch stole my shirt!!
He picked it up here...along with that goofy hat.

Golly, I hope the Prophet didn't have to brave the viewing of any saucy, big bosomed women whilst doing his shopping in JIHAD-MART, I'd sure as hell not want another earthquake!
Thankfully, for modesties sake, all Jihad-Marts are divided into male and female sections. And of course women are required to wear the burqa or niqab at all times.



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