May 20th is Draw Mohammed Day in response to the big stink over the South Park episode that showed Mohammed dressed as a bear.  I hope we get some good responses here.  I'm a lousy artist or I'd draw Mohammed on his hands and knees getting pronged in the backside by a large boar.  The Prophet would, of course, have a larg smile on his face!  I'm SUCH a rascal!!



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Stop it, STOP IT, yer KILLIN' me here! ROFLMFAO!!!
Didn't I see this guy on an advertisement playing a cave man?
What we need now is something akin to the Geico commercials:

So easy Muhammad can do it!
Loren, YOU are a rascal!!
Rusty, I'm sick of these weak-kneed idiots!

"You made fun of my prophet, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" How juvenile is that, how utterly dysfunctional and ill-adapted to the world is that? And they're so wrapped up in their religion that they can't imagine any other way to live.

They're pathetic ... and armed and dangerous.
Loren, did you view that You Tube video I posted one page back? They're just like a vicious pack of rabid dogs. There's NO CHANCE of dealing with them on a rational level, they are TOTALLY immersed in their religious beliefs. You might as well beat your head against a brick wall in the hopes it'll feel better when you stop.
I know ... which is why that last comment was in there. "Armed and dangerous" means exactly what it is intended to mean. People with the mentality of children or less so, mixed with rabid fervor and hatred, with shotguns and C4 and a desire for a world where their book reigns supreme over all.

I KNOW you can't deal or treat with them ... which makes the alternatives double-plus-un-pretty. it too late?

Sue, late entries will be accepted until May 19, 2011!!
a good video on Pakistan and the aftermath ~~



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