May 20th is Draw Mohammed Day in response to the big stink over the South Park episode that showed Mohammed dressed as a bear.  I hope we get some good responses here.  I'm a lousy artist or I'd draw Mohammed on his hands and knees getting pronged in the backside by a large boar.  The Prophet would, of course, have a larg smile on his face!  I'm SUCH a rascal!!



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I found this one really funny, I meant to post it earlier last week:
That's great!
My pictures I did for Draw Mohammed Day won't load - don't know why.
Well, here is the link

You will notice I protested without drawing Mohammed.
Muhommad reaffirming Islam as a religion of peace.
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And apparently now, Facebook has pulled the "Everyone Draw Mohammed" page, and Pakistan is now allowing access once again for Facebook. Clearly, FB is demonstrating which side of the bread their butter goes, yet another reason why I have no FB account, nor will I ever bother. I think I can say confidently that OUR "Draw Mohammed" contributions are not in danger of deletion, and I'm almost as certain that the Pakistani IT idiots are about aware of us as they would be of a hole in their heads.

So YO, Pakistan!!! Freedom of Speech STILL rocks here ... and YOU are STILL LAME!
Yeah, I've been thinking about pulling my FB page down. They seem to have perpetual security issues and now the Pakistan thing. Why not?
I'm very new to Nexus, which is why I'm a little late posting a response here.
But I just wanted to share a screenshot of my post addressing this on 5/20, (at
Welcome aboard DR. I'm sure that between now and May 20 of next year you'll come up with a good one!

I guess I should have added this as an image, if I wanted it to show.

I like your blog.


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