May 20th is Draw Mohammed Day in response to the big stink over the South Park episode that showed Mohammed dressed as a bear.  I hope we get some good responses here.  I'm a lousy artist or I'd draw Mohammed on his hands and knees getting pronged in the backside by a large boar.  The Prophet would, of course, have a larg smile on his face!  I'm SUCH a rascal!!



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Yep, on it's martyrdom trip.
Buy business class ticket, get free accommodation!
You get high marks for creativity!
Just in case you thought Muslims didn't draw Mohammed, here's an 18th century Turkish image of Mohammed along with his steed Buraq and the angel Gabriel. They're visiting Hell and watching "shameless women" being eternally roasted for the crime of displaying their hair to men.

Well the bitches had it coming, I mean after all, they were trying to seduce men into having unclean thoughts, or something like that!
Hair Rage.
I have seen paintings of Mohammed...a certain branch of Islam from an older time period.

I've also seen some gay Muslim medeival art and poetry!
The facebook page is back up and now claims over 100,000 members.

This is what we are up against, a pack of rabid dogs. The really STUPID thing about this video is that the police gave the fucktards a victory. There 's ONE THING you need to understand about these people and that is that there is NO compromise on their part. If you take one tiny step backward they take a tiny step forward. They NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take a step back. You will ALWAYS be in retreat when you deal with them if you ever give them the slightest victory. Years ago I was in the car sales business and I learned there to NEVER give an inch when they showed up. You set your price and NEVER back down a cent from it because if you do you'll soon find yourself backing down a few cents more and then a few dollars...... Once you start backing down you might as well just give them the godamned car!! Read Patai's book, The Arab Mind.
Just came across this:

Good to see Porky in there, but they shoulda worked Bugs in as well. This is the kind of thing he would go ballistic with!


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