“Every oil major [company] is betting heavily against a 1.5 degree Celsius world and investing

in projects that are contrary to the Paris goals.” Andrew Grant

Big Oil undermines U.N. climate goals with $50 billion of new proje...

Ten drones which struck the Abqaiq plant on Saturday "quickly took out nearly half Saudi's oil production -- 5% of the global daily output -- ".

Attack on Saudi oil field a game-changer in Gulf confrontation

These two news items outline the contour of fossil fuel production fragility in the early stages of The First Extinction Event. It's like the invention of guns in an age of Midaeval armor. All of those billion dollar fossil fuel wells, mines, pipelines, depots and refineries - sitting ducks. Will the rash of laws criminalizing people who are just trespassing near a pipeline as terrorists stop the collapse of the industry-of-death? Will political refusal to build renewable energy infrastructure begin to dissolve after the 20th or 40th drone attack on fossil fuel infrastructure? How about the effect of outrageous insurance on gas prices?

What do you think will hit the news in the decade ahead - the last decade before we lose control of climate destabilization? At some point the public will begin to realize that our real deadline isn't the amount of CO2 accumulated, or acid in the seas, but looming human powerlessness. When we've set enough positive interconnected feedbacks going, likely in 11 years, even if they'll take five hundred to work through, systemic irreversibility will close it's fist on on our minds. If we don't act in this decade, we'll enter the Anthropocene's Age of Death. The planet getting more deadly and nothing we can do to save ourselves, because nature is too powerful. It's possible that, as the deadline nears, even rational youth will start weaponizing drones.

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I don't enjoy seeing oil being burned, whether in somebody's car (say, for instance, mine) or at a giant refinery.  Both pollute.

I don't expect to see refineries shut down because of these attacks.  Only more and cheaper solar and wind energy could possibly lead to that, and I'm not holding my breath. 

Will there be some sort of breakthrough making oil use unprofitable?  See the six words above.

Will we bumble on and eventually try technologies we should have started a century ago?  Kind of sounds like us, doesn't it.

I don't enjoy boats that are not seaworthy!




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