I'll try to post this with brevity in mind, and to be as clear and concise as possible.

The question I'm asking is where we stand on drug use and rights to use? This is a topic I've thought about for years, and simply cannot seem to get off the fence over. In one sense, I lean towards the idea that people should be able to come and go as they please and generally doing as they wish, provided they accept the following terms:

I.) They do NOT, under any circumstances, harm or hinder any other human being in any way.

II.) They must accept responsibility, should their actions harm or hinder themselves or others. This is not to say that I condone a "sleep in the bed you made for yourself" attitude towards say, a heroin addict who suffered a severe infection and subsequent arm amputation, but again, I'm unsure as to where I am positioned on something like this. That said, they must understand that every action has consequences, some of which are, unfortunately, far more morbid than others.

III.) They maintain their societal dues, as we all are forced to. In other words, if they want to use things like police and emergency services, healthcare, and public streets, they must pay into the system that provides these services like everyone else. Such is the responsibility of everyone who wants to live in a "society".

There are, of course, a number of problems and plot holes in this, especially pertaining to drug use/abuse, which include the burden that it puts on medical systems, welfare systems, job creation, etc, which I've mentioned above.

Several countries worldwide have either decriminalized, legalized, or reached a combination of the two, on many forms of drugs and narcotics. Statistically significant is that some of these nations have then demonstrated not only lower rates of drug use, but of petty crime, and in some cases, murder rates as well. Legalization could be designed to provide a format of regulation and taxation, as well as a more structured and safe environment for users to make their purchases. Furthermore, the strain that rampant incarceration of users and dealers places on our penile systems could be abated, saving billions of tax dollars, which could then be injected into care providers and addiction centres. 

My question then is: do members of a society have a right to do with their own bodies as they wish, even if harm is a virtual guarantee? If your answer is no in this sense, what then should the discussion be on tobacco, alcohol and occasionally, big pharma? 

*Please note* I am not necessarily advocating for legalization, nor am I advocating for a continuation of this prolonged (and failed) "war on drugs". In fact, I'm not advocating for anything. This is a scat session, and I'd like now for any and all of you to sound off below, with your opinions on the matter.

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Statistically, alcohol and cigarettes cause nearly all illnesses and deaths associated with recreational drug use. In my opinion, people should have greater choice and the use of all recreational drugs should be decriminalised.

The war on drugs continues and causes huge destruction of society. Ridiculously high prison sentences for distribution and mere possession have destroyed so many young lives. Criminality is rampant with fraud, corruption and extreme violence commonplace with so much money involved. The war on drugs has failed. Why should it continue in overdrive ?

The drugs market is on the move. There is an increasing demand for cheaply produced chemicals such as mephadrone, ecstacy, amphetamines and hallucinogens with brand names like China White, Benzo Fury, Energy and Blue Lotus, in preference to traditional organic drugs like cocaine, heroine and cannabis. New chemicals are continually being developed which are often legal.

All drugs must be decriminalised. People who don't agree are deluded or making money out of it.


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