Looks like Florida's program to drug test welfare recipients will save the state $40thousand to $98thousand a year, not including cost of administering the program, at a cost of only $178million.  tbo.com


This has nothing to do with Florida governor Rick Scott's shadow-ownership of the major drug testing company in Florida.


Republicans are against government intrusion into people's private lives.  This is not an intrusion into anyone's private life, either.











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What's funny about this is that it's so utterly absurd.


That was really my thought too.  It's been interesting to watch as this discussion, which I thought was about the hypocricy and corruption of a republican governor, supposedly small-govt oriented, started this really huge siphoning of public funds to a private company that he started and apparently can still profit from, in order to catch a really tiny number of drug users who you can't even say spent their welfare dollars on their drugs.  Even sitting in a room where someone else is smoking pot can result in a positive test, or their drug intake could be a toke off their friend's joint.  They are guilty without a chance to prove themselves innocent.  The idea of welfare is so hot, and so resented, it keeps devolving into a discussion of whether welfare recipients are worthy.  Meanwhile, many people seem to let the governor off without a lot of criticism.  Like I say, it's interesting to watch.

Oh, let's target some random group. How about this new law:

"Everyone buying a gun has to take a drug test."

Because we don't want druggies to have guns, right?

Would that drug test to own a gun include legal pain meds, alcohol, and tobacco?  Or how about caffeine, or antihistamines?  How about chocolate, as it changes your brain chemistry too?




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