Hey Kids,

I take about a dozen different RX's daily for the various and sundried ailments I am growing old with.

My main shit ( I curse and blaspheme A LOT) so I hope that you are not offended by my finger-language. If so, tough shit. Quit reading what I write.


My main malady is Sarcoidosis of the Lungs, Lymph system, Liver, Kidneys, Skin, Spleen and probably Neuro system. I usually call this Sarc or Sarx. As in Sarc Sux.


Sarx is an autoimmune disorder where that immune system attacks various organs and forms Granulomas (go ahead, I will wait while you Wikkipedia it)......... Normally these granulomas dissolve and are absorbed my the lymph system and flushed. With sarx, they do not dissolve. They stay and clump together and eventually disrupt the functioning of the organ. There is no cure.

The only treatment is Corticosteroids. Prednisone is the curse of choice.Suppresses the immune system and hopefully some of them will start dissolving and go away.


I also use Medical Marijuana. No, it is not legal in Oklahoma. It should be, but it is not.

Probably have to move to Nude Mexico to get a rx and be legal. Of course, I have been using MM for 40 years and although It was helpful for the Major Depression I have had forever, it was as much a pleasure vessel as it was a med.


I thing the strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties have kept me alive this long. Not many people live this long with this shit. I am 62 and was diagnosed 25 years ago. Probably caused by some exposure to asbestos dust when  was in the USAF. Anyhow, the VA takes responsibility for it and gives me free medical care and sends $$ to my bank account on the first of the month.


I have been retired since 2000. Mainly due to the sarx. I could only work for a couple of months before I was exhausted and had to rest up for several months to recover. The last work I did was the Y2K cluster-fuck that was a non-event. Made mucho dinero fixing the code I had written 10 years before and knew that it was going to be a problem. Butt, storage was expensive back then.


Anyhow, I have no real/unvirtual life. Go to the Dr's and play poker online.

Sarcx also causes sunlight exposure to create a toxic form of Vit D *D 1,24?) that causes the body to go to sleep for 12-16 hours. It takes that long for the toxin to leave the system. Really sucks.

Butt, what ya gonna do?

Smoke Dope?





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Welcome to Atheist Nexus! Glad to hear you have free medical care for your Sarx.

Cursing is not a problem here as long as it isn't put in the subject line of any posts, blog posts, photos or videos. Evidently some workplaces, schools, etc... will block a site if there's fowl language in a prominent place.
That is a lot of bad stuff going down in one household.
What a stressful situation.
I will not pray for things to get better.
I will wish they do.

I am 62.
Are the afflficted ones young?
You kind of expect it when you get older, but being sick when young is the worst.
Any pred-heads in your house?
I am down to 20mg every other day.
Not many side effects now.

party on
Ya'll have my sympathy, I'm just dealing with crohn's and have had two bowel resection surgeries (total of 29 inches), my wife also has fibro and is a 3 time cancer survivor (brain tumor at 10, uterine cancer at 21, and skin cancer at 35), got one boy that's bipolar another is ADD and a grandson with muscular distrophy but we seem healthy as horses compaired. Anywho, seem like illness does two things you either find god or give the fuck up on the mythology and get it done by yourownself.
Hi J.B. and welcome to A/N! That's a tough story. Lots of resources here for you - entertainment, news, etc. And when your feeling down check out Athiest Humour group, lots of laughs. In the meantime here's one for you:

Your use of butt instead of but amuses me butt at least pot works for you.

I get an anaphylactic reaction if I use; used to love the stuff. =(
DUUUUDE!!! say it ain't so......allergic to weed........bummer.
"My main shit ( I curse and blaspheme A LOT) so I hope that you are not offended by my finger-language. If so, tough shit. Quit reading what I write."

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You and Pat Condell ("I don't respect your beliefs and I don't care if you are offended).
Right on, bro. It doesn't take a genius to understand that marijuana is medicine, just read the research that the USDA says doesn't exist. Your solution is to get some LowRyder Diesel seeds and start a window garden. And have a great hobby to boot.

Medical marijuana and Death with Dignity are a couple of my hot buttons. Great Scott, please let me make some decisions about what my body needs, and stop trying to dictate morality to me. Not one death from medical marijuana has been recorded; compare that to the deaths and side effects that prescription meds are responsible for. It's a no-brainer.....




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