My dad isn't the smartest guy in the world- he shelled out the money for a nintendo DS when they first came out just so that he could play brain age. Ah, irony...

Anyway, he surrendered it to me when he got sick of the one game so I ask you all- what are the best DS games in your opinion?

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is love - but it's SUPER tactical, obnoxiously hard in places, and if you're anything like me losing a character might break your heart. It's basically a turn-based strategy game with interesting characters instead of faceless army minions, and I so love that.

The DS-generation Pokémon games are awesome. Yeah, it's nerdy - so what? They're actually really deep, in terms of gameplay, and pretty clever. Also, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games are truly surprisingly cool.

Elite Beat Agents and Cooking Mama are awesome casual games that become much more challenging if you're good at them (and in the case of the former, can stand listening to Avril Lavigne).

Don't buy Drawn to Life. It has so much potential and such a cute gimmick, but wastes it on horrible gameplay, unnecessary restrictions, and stupidly long cutscenes.

Lost Magic is insanely difficult. Its learning curve is a learning straight.

Kira Kira Music Night (renamed to Kira Kira Pop Princess for some reason) is an EBA-type dance game that's also surpisingly fun, though also it suffers from the afore-mentioned long-arse cut scenes. It's also incredibly, outrageously girly. Oh, and the dubbing is hellishly bad - thankfully it's not fully voice-acted.
If you're at all a ready-type who likes solving puzzles, all the Phoenix Wright games are worth it, even the second, which I didn't like all that much. Just play them in order and you'll be able to appreciate the steady improvement. They're really well written, very entertaining, and hugely enjoyable to play, with some really sweet characterisation and some really fun, whacky, off-the-wall humour, even if it does indicate a totally messed up world.

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum are all really solid games, but if you're only getting one, get Platinum (since it's basically the developed version of the first two). Puzzle Quest is apparently a real time sink, but I couldn't get into it. Found it very obnoxious to play, so I didn't find it all that addictive or entrancing in the first place.

Hmmm. What else is theeeere... Oh yes, Lux Pain. If you're a fan of Japanese h-games, but wish they had mystery and investigation instead of sex, it's a great game. Lots of diverse characters, and it's really remarkably pretty, even if it does suffer from a lot of h-game tropes, without the promise of boobies to make up for it.


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