Duck Dynasty should be "Dunce Dynasty", as its star, Si Robertson hits a new Intellectual Low!

Si claims that he does not believe Atheists exist, because our calendar is based on Jesus.

Si is using this line to promote a really stupid movie he stars in, which I will not mention here as I'm not into promoting appeal to emotion fallacy junk.

Essentially Si, bases his claim on the old, there are no atheists in foxholes fallacy.  Where we know that many become atheists in foxholes, such as some ex-Vietnam vets I know who found atheism during their time in action.

Where I'm using his line and this blog to promote a more rational view of Immortality and how religion plays on our innermost fear of death.  Which is the reason why religions like Christianity still exist.

Well, Si's fallacies are many, as even knowing that somebody named Jesus possibly existed and that our calendar happens to have been inspired by him, although zero starts around six years before his supposed birth.  Does not stop anybody from being an atheist.

As most atheists were ex Christians or Muslims, all who have heard of Jesus in some form.

Many atheists even worshipped Jesus, before their paradigm shift to atheism.

Many of these, because of the lack of evidence for or nonsense surrounding the stories of Jesus.

Especially the idiotic claim that Jesus took humanities sins with him in his 3 days absence from living.

Which is essentially a con job,  as Christianity claims humans are endowed from birth with fake sin ( the mythical Adam's biting the fruit of knowledge) and for which they proclaim fake punishment ( eternal torture in Hell) and offer a fake remedy (belief in Jesus Christ), for which they are supposed to fill the church bowl with their hard earned money or pay 10% of their gross income in tithes.

The entire Resurrection and Atonement myth is a play on humanities Terror Management Strategies, because we humans are endowed with the knowledge of our own mortality, and this leads us to form cognitive biases which cling to anything that makes us believe we can have some form of immortality, even extremely irrational myths, like the Jesus resurrection myth.

Stephen Cave covers this quite well in his book "Immortality".

The Jesus/scapegoat narrative is irrational, for simple reasons, If I committed a murder, I cannot logically give the act over to another as if they did it.

Our legal system will not allow us to put our convictions onto another, even if that other wants to take them.

It is like having the other person go to the toilet for you, where you will still have to go to the toilet anyway!

It's your body, it's your crime, it's your problem, nobody will take them away from you via a sacrifice/scapegoat.

The resurrection approach to Terror Management Strategies has been in operation for thousands of years before Jesus, with many other legendary gods and demigods rising from death and offering atonement to believers.  Jesus is just the latest and possibly the last resurrection figure in history, since science has quashed the chances of any new arrivals.

Si has absolutely no idea of what atheism, nor even Christianity is.

Si is obviously less intelligent than almost anybody on television that I've ever seen, even Sarah Palin, which she should be happy about, that somebody has appeared on television that is far less intelligent than herself. 

Compared to Si Robertson, Even Sarah Palin appears as a member of M.E.N.S.A. 

Here is the Raw Story article on Si Robertson.

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I'm not a fan and have never watched the show. I can't find any reason to. Not so long ago my son in law gave me some Duck Dynasty house shoes. A relative got them for him for Christmas and he hates them. I asked if there was any way to get the toy ducks off the shoes, and he said that what he was wondering. They were warm but that's why he didn't like them.

As for scapegoats and someone else taking your burdens, your sins, and you problems from you and just giving you back wonderful peace, it is indeed impossible! I'm with you on it 100%. I've often given the old story of a Christian friend of mine breaking windshields of cars with a ball bat over a church dispute. Later he said he was wrong and "Jesus forgave him." I immediately asked about all the broken windshields. What did Jesus do about that? On the Internet someone laughed and thought it was funny with "Jesus healing windshields," but that is NOT what I said. I was pointing out that Jesus cannot make everything right. You think you are forgiven but the windshields are just as broken as ever.

Also, if you commit murder and "Jesus forgives you" the murdered persons are still dead. There's no fixing that. Strangely, I've heard misguided religion say that the murdered were "sent on to heaven early." That makes about as much sense as god killing babies so as to "prevent another Hitler" when god did nothing to prevent Hitler in the first place.

Believers are all ate up, and they will tell any lie to further there belief.

Oh, yes, and if abortion is supposed to kill not a potential person, but an "unborn child" with a soul, then that soul presumably goes straight to heaven. Therefore we should have as many abortions as possible!

Yes, funny how the Buybull doesn't consider a foetus as living, because it hasn't drawn it's first breath.  But, drawing that first breath brings mythical sin.  So there is no point in being alive in that case.  :-D~

They understand not, the stupidity they spread!




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