Duck Dynasty Star, Phil Robertson Akin To Charles Manson, Via His Publicized Fantasies.

According to sources, Phil Robertson describes a gruesome way to teach an atheist family right from wrong, that was so wrong, that it bears marked similarities to the justice Charles Manson fantasied for rich and famous people and he became locked into carrying them out.

One can only imagine that if Phil Robertson was in a similar situation and could only save face by following through with his fantasy, he'd act no differently.

Just another potential Charles Manson.

Phil is evidently a narcissistic psychopathic megalomaniac.

Hardly anybody worth taking any notice.

Hell, he is not even worthy of writing a blog about.


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He's too outspoken for his own good and has let his "reality" TV show go to his head. If you see pictures of these people before they became famous for inventing a popular duck call you see normal looking people just like anybody else. Making them into "reality" TV stars required the beards, hair, and mustaches that you see today. I'm not a Daniel Boone wannabe so I've never watched the show, but I do my homework.

This is what "reality TV" is about. They create the so called "reality." Even "Joe Millionaire" was a character created by an actor. He was no more a millionaire than I am. The Robertsons, however, just happen to have become millionaires and were then coached into looking like Daniel Boone to create an image that would further promote sales.

Though Phil took it too far in his address and thus deserves such comparisons to others who have performed similar violent crimes in the name of insanity, such as Charles Manson.

His entire speech demonstrated a knowledge of the roots of morality of a five year old.

He is as naive as a bucket of pig swill and evidently exhibits less culture.

BTW: I have been involved in farming pigs, so I know that pigs are actually quite intelligent.

The only thing I wasn't too keen on was castrating piglets with a box cutter blade.

My father was a farmer and a butcher, so I have had experience at killing and cutting up animals since I was seven years old.

I've had as much basic, rudimentary, primitive, experiences as, f not more than Phil.

His entire basis for that talk was Fallacious.

It's the same non sequitur fallacy that atheism lacks morality.

The argument from ignorance fallacy that morality comes from the Bible, when in fact, modern morality is in spite of the Bible.

Modern morality has been correcting the Bible version of morality for centuries now, as now most of the Bible morality is considered as allegorical, where once it was considered as absolutely factual.

Secularism trumps religion on morality every time.

... in fact, modern morality is in spite of the Bible. Modern morality has been correcting the Bible version of morality for centuries now....


Morals and Ethics come from being born a social animal (Joan Denoo)Edited to add: I followed the links and read the transcript. Just proposing such a gruesome rape-murder-maiming scenario to show that "without a god there's no morality" indeed suggests, as Brother Richard writes, that someone is "sick in the head".

Robertson said, "If it happened to them, they probably would say, ‘something about this just ain’t right.’" Just as many people, confronted with clearly immoral religious teachings -- even though they might be traditional, scriptural, and long-revered -- conclude that "something about this just ain't right." (And it's not that their god's "morality" is "beyond" human understanding.)

I agree.  He's created an incredibly false straw-man about atheists.

More on the escapades of Phil Robertson, from one of my favourite news channel, The Young Turks:

Though I like their take on the subject of this blog:  Then some old news about Phil's suspension from Duck Dynasty, etc....




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