What is the old school explanation for nipple on males?

Chromosomes are a relatively new discovery as the world goes and everything else has a well known debunked theory. 

I'm sure it came up, they are pretty prominent on the body and somewhere, someone would have wondered what the hell they are for and made up a story to go along with them.


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That is the current understanding, the nipples are on the X chromosome, which we all have.

But back when we thought the earth was flat and a dung beetle rolled the sun across the sky? That is the theory I'm curious about.
I'd be curious too. I never asked my mom why she thought men had nipples when she'd say "Useless as tits on a boar hog".

I have run into at least a few men who find their nipples quite useful. Who knows, maybe boar hogs also enjoy theirs.
Grundgetta, please tell me how they found theirs useful. I have to know.
But back when we thought the earth was flat and a dung beetle rolled the sun across the sky?

I bet the answer was "how dare you question God's creation?"
I had thought it was something to do with an earlier stage of evolution, but the fetal development makes much more sense.
The Book of Steve tells us that, "On the eighth day, God said 'Let there be dude nipples'. And man beholdeth that his torso regained it's divine symmetry, and yea it didst slightly resemble a face, and yea the more portly among ye shall be able to make it talk when ye squisheth the abdomen fat. Amen."
So you know when you've waded out far enough at the beach.
It's embryological in nature (skurry is right). What's more, nipples on men serve a purpose.

As an evolutionary adaptation, or something of the sort, if a male consumes the afterbirth, he can begin lactating from the intensity of female hormones. This is sensible as in the history of our species many a times the female died during or shortly after labor. In these cases, and I'd imagine even without the death of the mother, the male could nourish the new baby.

As for the old-school explanation, I can't seem to find much either. The closest I could find to an "older" answer was that it was a vestigial feature, which isn't exactly accurate. I would say it's possible in those days that it wasn't a mystery because it's perfectly possible both parents used to breastfeed.

All just speculation, though. I wish I had a time machine.
Wow ... and ick! You gotta be pretty hungry to eat afterbirth.
Holy crap. I never heard that about afterbirth. How long could a make continue breast feeding?
I think you're asking the wrong question. They are part of the default (female) form of the species. Therefore one should ask: Why would men not have nipples? The answer is that there is no reason not to have them, they cost the male almost nothing. There is no evolutionary advantage for the species for men to develop mechanisms to remove them. There is no advantage to not having nipples.
We couldn't wear nipple rings without nipples.




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