What is the old school explanation for nipple on males?

Chromosomes are a relatively new discovery as the world goes and everything else has a well known debunked theory. 

I'm sure it came up, they are pretty prominent on the body and somewhere, someone would have wondered what the hell they are for and made up a story to go along with them.


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This guy has a theory....
And there you go.
It's not a secret that Canucks have been on the nipple standard since the 1800's.

The hardest part however has been figuring out what a standard nipple is.

If you are interested in contributing to the Canadians government research project, a picture of your erect nipple* with a thermometer which clearly shows the current temperature** can be sent to nipples@canadiantemp.gov.ca.

*remember to include the complete nipple including the areola
**Celsius only please
Some early civilizations had two creation myths - one for males, another for female, but most considered males and females of the same "kind". Humans have two eyes, two ears, one nose....nipples...feet..toes.

I'm assuming those who were born without areola/nipples would be considered defective, if not of a different kind.
Thirty years ago, I went to high school with a dude named Raul who had four nipples - two where they ought to be and two small, yet unmistakable, nips about fours inches directly beneath each bonafide nip. We were on the same track team, and he was proud of showing off his four nipples.

Fast-forward 25 years. We hired this guy's mom to clean our house. She and I started talking about Raul. I grinned real big and said, "Raul has four nipples." The stunned look of "how the hell does he know that?" on her face was priceless.
I found a good one!

This isn't the exact myth, I'm relating it from word of mouth so if anyone is familiar with it and I get stuff wrong, sorry.

Everyone who ever exsisted was created in whatever realm we exsisted in before birth as adults, and neither female nor male. When we are born we are split into a female half and a male half and thus, we share similarities such as nipples. We are given corresponding genitals so that we can peice ourselves back together and regain "oneness".

Something along those lines.

Thank you all for your speculation on the outdated superstitions of the past.
It helps make post-game "chest bumps" more enjoyable.
I ran across some weird breastfeeding facts when I was a breastfeeding mother. It is true in some cultures (mainly in the south Pacific), if the mother is unable to breastfeed the baby, the father will. I imagine before the development of formula in the 1800s, this practice was more common. However, IMO in most cultures they just used wet nurses or goat's milk.
How does a man go about breastfeeding a baby?
Through hormone treatments or manual stimulation.




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