What is the old school explanation for nipple on males?

Chromosomes are a relatively new discovery as the world goes and everything else has a well known debunked theory. 

I'm sure it came up, they are pretty prominent on the body and somewhere, someone would have wondered what the hell they are for and made up a story to go along with them.


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God created man in his own image, ergo, God has nipples. Eve was taken from Adam's rib (near the nipple) and so she has nipples, which come in useful because they happen to be placed right where the milk comes out, so a baby has something to latch onto. Wow- intelligent design!
I have to wonder, is God circumsized?
Who cares? He's hung like a horse.
Overstrike, overstrike. Revise, delete.

Oh, never mind!
Probably another "stamp of our lowly origin." Perhaps whatever function they have now is different from the function they served at the stage of our earliest hermaphroditic ancestor.
What I really want to know is whether or not God has a belly button.
I was curious about how Eyegore would look like while trying to impersonate a famous mad scientist:




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