All my blood relatives are way too religious. My sister's dad, his brothers, sisters, & in-laws are all Catholic. I'm not sure of the religion of my cousins & second-cousins. I never had healthy relationships with any of my blood relatives other than my paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, mother, & sister. Most of the family dysfunction comes from mental illness on my mother's side. Her dad killed himself before I was born and her sister-in-law has bipolar and refuses to take her meds.

Through my experiences with the Signing Community since 2001, I have observed that most people both signers and non-signers alike enjoy long conversations about: their children, their employers, their vehicles, and God. Theists have their "believer's way" of talking about God and we atheists say what little we have to say about God in a distinctly different way.

I am still being evaluated but I believe I have a medical condition that prevents me from driving. There are also several reasons I feel I will always be unfit to be a father. Therefore, I'll never have children or a vehicle to talk about and will always be bored by others carrying on about their children & vehicles. Besides that I agree with scientists who say the world is overpopulated and everybody should STOP making babies.

As for work, I have received disability checks since I was 18. Everybody asks me "Where do you work?" and all I can tell them for right now is "I don't work". In the past couple of years I've really gotten bored with music and the internet so I have been seeking help to enter the workforce at this late age. I hope by no later than the spring of 2014 I'll have a part-time job. So, of the four topics most people love to carry on about, there's only one I'll ever have to talk about: my employer. Makes me wonder just how well I'll be accepted in the atheist community, or any interest community for that matter. I've already been living in Orange County, CA for almost 3 years and only have one friend I really count. She's twice my age and religious. Popularity is not important to me. I just wish I had a support system cuz this is the first time in my life that I have not had one. If the only person I ever get is an intimate partner that is fine by me. Intimacy is what I will always miss more than having people to talk to (and I mean verbalize not type/write). 

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" I just wish I had a support system cuz this is the first time in my life that I have not had one."


What was your support system before?  If you don't care about being any more honest than your religious friends you could just make up something like they do.  You could say something like, "Oh yeah, I had a '57 Belair with a 327 and a Muncie 4-speed and man would that thing go"!  Of course you'd risk being caught out by someone who actually knows something about what you're bullshitting about, but the same applies to those making fantastic God claims.

If you do want to be honest, talk to them the way you're talking to us.  I find that even people who initially express shock at someone proclaiming atheism often modify their beliefs when presented  day to day with someone who calls himself atheist and is at the same time a good and honest person.


I never thought I'd offer this advice: I've found it's easy to make friends while playing an online game if you join a guild or organization. And with technologies like Ventrilo and Skype you can actually talk to people while killing things. It's like going camping in cosplay. It's a double-edged sword, however, as online games can become very addictive when so much of your social life is on one. But it sounds like you are going through a particularly tough time and something like this might be helpful.

On a side-note.... I don't play online games that much anymore but my friendships created while playing those games still exist to this day.




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