A long time ago I had an idea that earthquakes could be predicted in Los Angeles by having recorders around the city, to keep track of how many dogs are barking.  If dogs in a particular place bark, it doesn't mean anything.  But if dogs all over the Los Angeles area start barking at the same time, it might predict an earthquake. 

Now I find a Chinese city is using dogs to predict earthquakes :) 

Not apparently by analyzing dispersed dogs, although that might work better :)

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Why are the Chinese able to do with dogs what we here in the US of A are unable to do with zillions of taxpayer dollars?

They are earning the right to rule.

A few years ago my Great Dane/German Shepherd started barking furiously in the middle of the night. A minute or two after he started, we felt an earthquake—not uncommon here in southern California. That minute might be useful in getting going to a safer spot, but as a practical method of predicting earthquakes and setting off warning alarms, it does not seem useful.

In vehicle-packed SoCal and in people-packed China, "useful" is defined as a week in advance; "fittest to survive" as those who leave immediately.

As described in the link, dogs do know about earthquakes far enough in advance sometimes, to be useful. Apparently a 90,000-person town in China was evacuated on the basis of dog behavior, a few hours before a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. 

The link above was messed up, I've fixed it this time. 




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