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Earthquake survivors get solar-powered bibles
Reuters January 19, 2010 12:35PM

AS international aid agencies rush food, water and medicine to Haiti's earthquake victims, a US faith-based group is sending Bibles to Haitians in their hour of need.

Not just any Bible.

These are solar-powered audible Bibles that can broadcast the holy scriptures in Haitian Creole to 300 people at a time.

Called the "Proclaimer," the audio Bible delivers "digital quality" and is designed for "poor and illiterate people", the Faith Comes By Hearing group said.

According to their website, the Proclaimer is "self-powered and can play the Bible in the jungle, desert or ... even on the moon!"

The Albuquerque-based organisation said 600 of the devices were already on their way to Haiti.

It said it was responding to the Haitian crisis by "providing faith, hope and love through God's Word in audio".

With tens of thousands of Port-au-Prince residents living outdoors because their homes have collapsed or they fear aftershocks from last week's quake, the audio Bible can bring them "hope and comfort that comes from knowing God has not forgotten them through this tragedy", the group said.

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According to their website, the Proclaimer is "self-powered and can play the Bible in the jungle, desert or ... even on the moon!"

They can make sound in a vacuum? Man, that's one ground breakingly high tech bible.
One of the ultimate philosophical questions

"If a Christian preaches in a vacuum, is it still bullshit ?"
You bring the preacher, I'll bring the vacuum, and we can put it though rigorous testing!
Sir yes sir


Ma'am yes Ma'am
Double post
Here's the deal: these people actually believe that reading the bible will save you from future catastrophes and harm...they really believe this. They believe that if the Haitians had all been good bible loving christians, the earthquake would have never happened.
Yet there was an earthquake this morning well south of Mexico city.

Mexico City had it's first official gay marriages last month.

If God was going to smite people you would think the earthquake would have happened right under the city like the 1985 quake not off to the south.

Perhaps God's aim was out ?
The Aztec gods would kick their gods ass. Cut his head off, roll it down the temple steps, and play soccer with it.
That's why god's aim was off.
It really is disturbing that when it comes to sending aid to a disaster-stricken area, this is the best way they can think of putting their money to use. How warped do you have to be to sit down and think how best you can help and then come up with this. What a waste of good intention.
Yes but as they keep telling us there are no atheists sending money or doing anything to help

it is ONLY christians who help other people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Don't forget about child abduction! Nothing says good deed as a stolen Haitian child.
They just borrowed them

they were going to give them back ! :-)




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