Earthquakes Caused by Iranian Women Not Wearing Proper Attire

Talk about post hoc reasoning!  Sheesh!

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They use no reasoning. Just when I heard enough of the dumb!

Imam - Holy Shit!! We need to throw those floozies into the mouth an active volcano to appease the magic spirits who have taken offense, and will surely smite us. 

Architectural Engineer - Hey! Here's a thought. How about using construction techniques that are proven earthquake resistant?

Imam - INFIDEL! Behead this foul demon who lurks among us. And, post his execution on the internet for all to see how we handle those who deny the beneficent blessings from on high. 

What, those immodest bitches are the reason my kids are dead, and not the fact, that you know, first responder services in Iran are third rate at best(underfunding, understaffing)... I will make them pay. GIVE ME A WHIP.

I think we should stone them just to make sure.

I have been informed that actually, it's the sad fact Iran sits on half a dozen fault lines.

oooooh!! yahweh,s done it now wait till allah gets back its going to be on like donkey kong.

I know a lot about atheism is'nt just making fun of the absurdities in the claims made by theists on a daily basis (and I do mean a daily basis). We simply cant help it, its just right there, they just hand us the jokes we don't even try any more.




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