Jebus and his rabbit friend are back! Just last night I had that dream again. It was Jebus holding the Easter Bunny and the bunny had a basket, Both of them were waving at me. I wonder what it means?

   On TV there are programs talking about what Easter really means to us with christian apologetics coming into play about the 3 days in the ground, etc. Hey, wait. Jebus wasn't in the ground. He was wrapped up and laid in a tomb. How would that count? What kind of fulfilled prophesy is that?

   Even the Good Friday controversy. It was good that Jebus died for us. It was bad that he had to die. No, it was good that Jebus died for us. Yes, but so sad that he had to die. WTF? Make up your minds! This is like 2 bullies stealing a kid's ball and throwing it back and forth between them as the kid runs back and forth trying to catch it. What fun they are having.

   On the SBN they had something like Easter Campground. They would talk and pray and hear things like "Oh, sweet Jebus." It seems like they can't make up their minds either. I can imagine the heavenly scene where people face Jebus and tell him they love him and they were against it. Then he calls them hypocrites because without his death, he says,  they wouldn't be there. I wonder if they ever think of that one?

   So, I'm waiting for Sunday morning myself and wondering what will happen if he does see his shadow? I hope he doesn't see it because winter has been so long this year.

   On to serious celibrations of Easter, I can imagine the little tikes out in the grass hunting for those Easter eggs. Some of the eggs will get cracked and squashed, and some kids will step into something else too. (Hey, who let that dog in here?) The one with the most eggs gets sick.

   As to that Easter meal, many will be having ham as usual. That's a good choice, but what about having rabbit?

   To each his own. Happy Easter!

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The only good thing about easter/oestre.....PEEPS!

It all comes from paganism and whether oestre or easter (or even Ishtar) the damned theists just keep on doing the apologetic number making you believe what they say and literally making it anything that they want it to be.

I can't believe what any theist says...half the time, when I'm confronted with their illogic, I can't help myself....I snort and giggle.  Makes life difficult around here sometimes as my younger sister (autistic/Asperger's) is a Jayz Witless. and Mother's Living trust left the house to both of us.

A couple of Crazy Old Cat Ladies....

That was a great post!

I like reading about all of the other spring festivals, renewal, regeneration, fertility, and the different ways that cultures have celebrated with enthusiasm and hope.  Christians have such a bloody and dysfunctional outlook, I'd rather avoid theres.

I will see if my partner will make garlic chive dumplings.  The plants are ready to harvest.  That would be awesome.

I have too much homework to do much.  I've been saying for a month I'll make a rhubarb pie.  I doubt it this weekend too.

I always have lamb for Easter... I think it's funny that Jebus was the "lamb of god"  and when I was a small girl subject to eating the host (body, urp,  and, urp, blood of well...) anyway, the whole deal strikes me as bizarre.  But this is my tribute to my family culture... and I do love those chocolate bunnies!

My sister bought herself a REESETER Bunny....chocolate-coated P-nut butter.  Gah!




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