As a "non-native" speaker and Atheist, I sometimes wonder about some words in English with no other substitutes for them, coming from ecclestical thinking and behaviour.

As for example, I recently was searching various dictionaries to find another term for "holiday", which seems to me as an inappropriate word for an Atheist - but couldn´t find any ?!?

In German, we don´t call our celebration days "holy", there doesn´t even exist such a term...
It seems to me necessary to discuss this issue with you, native speakers and sentinels of English language...

Are there any substituting words for "holy"day and other religious formed words, and if not, why not and shouldn´t you (we) try to find some ?

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...basically the result of a misspelling, I found it discussion-worthy nevertheless...
The same dichotomy exist in Romance languages: vacanza (it), vacances (fr), vacaciones (sp) - vs. festa, jour férié, festivo/feriado. The latter are usually reserved for single days.


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