Education, Detroit style. Template for a better future (worldwide) imho:

hrmmm... solutions indeed. imho.. the solutions begin at these 'free schools' that i keep hearing about up north. kids/young adults demanding maths/science n english (well throw in some kinda other language to help brain dev imho) ...

"Students said they were relieved to hear the school wouldn't be turned into a charter, but still were concerned about the changes that are in store.

Khalil Wilson, 16, said he left a charter school because he didn't like the way it was run. He was concerned that DSA would become a charter. "

in Florida.. for profit schools are totally bunk... I mean .. it's a paperless future!?
Jeb Bush n co . knew that and figured they'd cash in with FailCAT while they could.. sellout china's 'little brother' bastard.. social war criminals i tell ya! f minus!

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