I don't like Dawkins' writing style, I think its clumsy, repetative and he makes the same arguments that any sane person makes anyway.
I could write a far better book in my sleep, in fact I will......

Chapter One
God, the early years.

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Lots of folks have written books in their sleep, book shops are full of them.
Go for it. It's not heresy to not like they guy just because he's seen as the light of the world by other atheists. He shows signs of being a bit of a prat to me, but I can only judge from TV appearances and the like :D
He shows signs of being a bit of a prat...


Mel is unpredictable but very reliable. :)
Thank you. I've noted his tendency to be arrogant, a common trait in academics,doctors,politicians,entertainers and others.

His persona does not invalidate what he has to say.My only criticism about what he says is that he's not an especially original or profound thinker. Viz; He's not Bertram Russell. Nothing Dawkins has said has had anything like the impact on me of Russell's stuff I read over 30 years ago..
I think possibly the attraction lies in him writing stuff which would get you hung drawn and quartered in some parts.
Dawkins is also usually correct, and his books are written in a style that isn't so dry that you choke on the sentences. That helps to make his work popular relative to others who publish on this subject.

Watch your step, Karl, otherwise Felch will have to slap ya. :)
He's either a genuine idiot or a troll. They're the same thing anyway.
Or Karl is in the age group 18-21. I've never read Dawkins and if his writing is much like his television presentations then I'm not sure I want to.
And I happen to agree with Karl - I think some people DO like Dawkins because he's controversial. I know I LOVED causing controversy when I was younger. If Atheism was controversial in my region, I'd BE a controversial atheism. And then maybe I'd adore Dawkins.
There are plenty of kids here younger than Karl that repeatedly show they can and do think, are erudite, and are grown up enough to not treat discussions here like public toilet urinal.
I don't know if you have noticed felch but its you who behaves like a child, sulking because someone has the audacity to critisise dawkins, if youve got nothing useful to say then don't say it.

I'm not the one that post bombs unadvertised groups looking for attention. You look even more like the extacy induced acne scarred, PLUR dance club raver reetard than I imagined you would be.
You ca see how pained I am by your comments felch, either that or Ive got piles I am not sure which.




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