I don't like Dawkins' writing style, I think its clumsy, repetative and he makes the same arguments that any sane person makes anyway.
I could write a far better book in my sleep, in fact I will......

Chapter One
God, the early years.

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I am neutral towards Richard Dawkins. I haven't read any of his books yet, nor have I seen him on the television. I also haven't bothered to watch him on YouTube yet, but I suppose I should to see what all the fuss is about.
Yes its worth seeing and you can make your own mind up about wether he has anything new to add to atheist thought.you can say what you think and then hopefuly we can discuss it in an adult manner, if you like it that's cool and if you don't that's cool as well.
I will try to resist getting a court injunction against you if you say you like him ;-)
I'll have to finish a course in Remedial Atheist Thought before I can progress on to reading Dawkin's work. I'll try to get back to you in about ten years.
I liked Hitchens a lot more before he decided to be a cheerleader for Bush's disgusting little holy war in Iraq. Much of his argument on that front was as faith-based as anything I've seen--faith that democracy will take hold, faith that Iraq and the region without Hussein will be better off than with Hussein, and so on. No real evidence to back up his assertions. His columns on Slate were increasingly mere rationalizations after he bet on the wrong policy, based on his dislike of a tyrant. I don't like tyrants, either, but I prefer not propping them up in the first place, as the US did with Pinochet, the Shah of Iran, the Taliban, and, oh yeah, Saddam Hussein. Harris was OK until I got to the part of his book where he condoned torture in the defense of civilization. Sigh. Fear makes smart people say stupid things.

Dennett is great, if a little too technical for me to follow at times. And I've been a fan of Dawkins since I read The Selfish Gene, which is brilliant. I liked The God Delusion quite a lot. I also fail to see why his critics consider him to be militant, unless that's just the word you use instead of passionate when you disagree with somebody.

The main thing is, religion needs to be torn down, and the four horsemen are leading the charge. I'm not inclined to quibble overmuch. But if any of them don't strike a person's fancy, there are plenty of other compelling atheist authors out there. Robert M. Price is pretty good: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Daps&fie....
The thing about Dawkins that may make him seem arrogant to you is that the subject of attacking God/religion exclusively is not his forte. I'm not sure if you've read other books by him, but like you I found the God delusion not as alive as Hitchens' book. Having said that I still thought the god delusion was good, but more than that I really enjoyed A river out of eden. That book is where Dawkins shines, because he is in his natural habitat of evolutionary biology. I encourage you to pick it up, its small and very interesting.

One additional comment I'd like to make about Dawkins...He is the only atheist I've seen, heard or read that explains evolution in such a passionate and exciting way, that's what he adds or brings to Atheism...once again read A river out of Eden.




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