found this at reuters africa:
The army also warned earlier this month it would use legal means to end protests, but had not acted till now.

Hossam al-Din Ibrahim, 45, a construction worker, in Tahrir said earlier on Wednesday that he was not linked to the groups who called off the protest and vowed to remain until Mubarak, other top officials and executives were tried and convicted.

"We want them to be executed, like the ... martyrs who were killed by the police during the revolution. In religion there is retribution for people who killed," he said, referring to the 850 or so people killed in the uprising against Mubarak.

In reality there is too; it's not religion-centric; revenge etc..

Patience is the virtue; knowledge is the key
it must suck being stuck amongst such deep seated old-world mentalities...
no matter what's said and entertained; secular or bust. fwd march folks!

hate to say it but corrupt xtian and even secular YEAH SECULAR corrupted leaders/fams/monarchies etc. surely love a good window of op. visa vi prayer time. hello. if someone is given the keys to the system; and can only get away with stuff while people are bowing and praying.. thinking about sky daddy instead of real daddy... well.. do the math. put down the faith; that part of life will always be there for those that like it.. but when you create that pattern; it opens up the door to ball dropping and exploitation of the 'believers'. not saying stop believing just modernize; lower the faith signature and that will throw off the enemies of worker bees that pray.



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religions should be banned from incorporating; as in Islam's Building Team Inc. ? that does not compute.
Christian Flag Makers Inc... ? nope does not compute.

it's as if so many have gotten double duty crapped on; outsourced jobs
then insourced ignorance and social stagnation; bigotry up in there for sky daddy inc. too
so lame. just connecting dots til the last breath I'm sure...
maybe not in 20ish years. people realize there's not much time to spare for something like man made myths. Pick up a guitar!




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