I'm new to this site so perhaps I am missing something. I haven't adjusted my email notifications yet, however I am receiving emails about comments being left on my page or in a discussion. The only problem is, several times there has not been a comment left. I know someone could just erase their comment soon after leaving it, but I don't think this is likely to happen numerous times and so quickly (like a few minutes later).

Any ideas?

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Like other forms of software, Ning can be buggy. For the most part, it works fine.

I think that when you first sign up for A|N, notifications are set in a default position. I forget what that default is, but I suspect it is to send notifications. I occasionally get email for posts/comments/etc... that aren't there. I think those circumstances are when people go back and change something in their post/comment within the 15 minutes they have to do so. My connection to teh innertubes is slow, so sometimes I end up posting twice. I then delete one of my posts and/or replies.
Jean Marie, I could just hug you for helping out. I've been volunteering pretty heavily at the state fair, so my time here has been limited.




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