I found the page where you can select which email notifications you get, and I'm wondering which box I uncheck so that I don't get "[Member] has joined [group name] on Atheist Nexus" (as well as "[Member] has posted on [group name]") emails, because quite frankly I don't care who joins what group. I don't want to disable email notifications altogether, because I still want to get emails when I get a new PM, friend request, or comment. I have all the boxes unchecked except for those three and I'm still getting the [person] has joined [group] emails.

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I wanting to know if there is an answer to this too.

It's nice to know more atheists are out there and more joining every day, but the 40+ emails in my in box disagree.
Hey Mystical and Richard,
I agree the amount of emails that can be generated from A|N can get out of hand quickly. I had over a thousand just from A|N when I got back from vacation this week, yikes!

There are several places now where you can 'Follow' discussions and groups and this has made things rather confusing if you want to stop following. To compound the problem when you join a group you are automatically signed up to 'Follow' it.

To stop receiving the emails about who joined where and who wrote what, simply go to that group's home page and you will see a link titled 'Follow' or 'Stop Following' in the upper right of the page. Click that link and you will stop receiving the unwanted emails. To follow or stop following a single discussion there is a link at the bottom of every discussion to allow for this.

Hope this helps, if not please feel free to contact me personally.

Thanks, I did that a few days ago and haven't gotten any unwanted emails since then.
Thanks for that tip Stephanie. I was wondering how to stop the "XXX joined..." emails too.




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