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It's tough to not make me be embarrassed of Texas. But in this instance...
Exactly! South Dakota: the New South.

This is what happens when you elect people who don't have post-secondary education.
Keep a close eye on your state school board.  Sooner or later the fundementalists will seek to control that so they can control the education of the next generation.
I can't leave the country. Whenever I do SD does some stupid shit. I swear I'm running for office when I get out.
I live in SC.  We have some messed up situations down here.  Our lieutenant governor told people that we shouldn't feed poor people because they are like animals and will only breed.  Then he recanted his statement, then said what he meant to say was that we shouldn't feed poor people because they will only breed.  How about the governor "hiking" the apalachian trail.  I guess that's what the kids are calling flying out of the country to see your mistress now a days.  We're cutting everything, even though our government isn't going to work anymore.  Our prison system is bankrupt and running in the red despite our new governors pledge to not run deficits.  We've got some real winners down here.

you kiddin' Florida has Jeb Bush back with his front called Rick Scott. talk about the lunatics running the asylum... so much for jobs/less accidents and common sense rail-line connecting the cities


drag on or



Rick Scott praising Rick Perry in the same breath as condemning the rail project. We're (Texas) in a budget deficit due to ridiculous government practices under Bush and Perry.


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