I thought I had better post this just in case, for the friends I have made here. When Windows XP loses support this coming April I may not be seen here again. Between my shoddy computer and loss of support, I may not even be able to use my computer again after that point. I can't afford to put in a new system unless they're free, which I doubt (I don't know much about computers, so please excuse my ignorance). So after XP loses support, it may be the end of my adventures on the internet due to security concerns. If it happens that I can't use my computer anymore, it's been real. Been nice to be a member here.

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You might consider some version of Linux, such as Ubuntu.  It's very robust, has a nice presentation manager (main screen), behaves very much like the Windows you know, and is VERY well supported.  You may even be able to set up your machine to dual boot, so that you can run either XP or Ubuntu as you choose, particularly as you're learning Ubuntu (which I suspect you'll find isn't that hard).

Worth a try at least.


I can't afford to put in another system if it costs much money.

Ubuntu is FREE, bro!  I've fooled with it a bit and it seems to me there is a Linux group here on A|N (as well as LOTS more out on the net!) where you can learn, get help, and come up to speed.

Click on the link above and have a look for yourself.

Okay Loren, I'm a moron. If I have Vistas do I have xp? Or is that impossible. Please say it's impossible.

XP and Vista are two completely different operating systems.  Depending on whether you're running 32- or 64-bit Vista, you may or may not be able to run 16-bit applications, for one thing.  You can find out precisely what operating system (O/S) you are running by right-clicking on your Computer icon and selecting Properties.

And no, you're NOT a moron.  We all start from somewhere as it comes to this.  If you have a question, ASK ... and if I can help, I will be glad to.

Thanks Loren.

I had Windows XP until a couple of months ago. My computer was fucked anyway. I didn't want Windows 8 so I bought a second-hand tower with Windows 7 on it for £100 and kept my monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer.

Windows 7 can be easily used if you're familiar with Windows XP. It's not beautiful like the old XP but more functional.

Good luck, as they say ! 

Thanks Loren. I'll check it out.

I hope you can stay on the site - would hate to see you leave here.

You are just in time. Ubuntu is releasing 14.04 LTS in April. With the many improvements made to the OS, it is well worth it. April 17th is the actual date. However, I would go ahead and make the jump now as WinXP support ends April 8th.

There are other distros, such as Linux Mint or Lubuntu if you enjoy a Windows type of environment.

Don't leave, Tony. Follow advice here and stay on the site. Personally I'm going to keep my XP til it drops and never works again. Of course, I have an install disk and programs to fix most problems. Be advised that Windows update fixing security problems is more for their benefit than yours, so updates are not as important as a clean operating system. How do you get a virus? Just be on the Internet, or use other people's discs.

Before you give up go to this site and download a free Russian program. www.freedrweb.com/cureit/?lng=en

On the main page you select that you will use this on your personal PC only, then read and OK the license file. Click to download the program and save it to your computer. Double click to start the program and choose the extreme option because you already know you are infected. This will take a while to run but follow on screen instructions and you come out clean like day one! The computer is like new again.


What you are saying is fine as far as Virus's go, but the real security issue posed by no support for XP is when exploits are found in modern OS's and are patched. Hackers backward engineer those patches and since much of the core code behind all Windows OS's are the same they then know how to exploit a XP machine without virus's.

That said I would explore Linux distro's like Ubuntu. I've only ever dabbled with it but the learning curve isn't too steep. Failing that I would look for a cheap second hand system with Windows 7, Vista systems are cheaper but it really sucks as an OS.

Good luck.



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