I am not really sure how many of the readers of this site feel about activism but occasionally a cause comes along that I feel that at least a certain amount of activism is called for.  Nixing the National Day of Prayer must be that cause for this atheist.  The FFRF has started a petition at the Whitehouse.gov website. Here is the link:


 The goal is to amass 25,000 signatures before the end of May.  The story as I have heard it is that if we can reach this number then Obama must officially address the petitions demands.  

At the very least, this petition should be used as a show of solidarity within the atheist/ secular citizenry that we will no longer tolerate the takeover of the US Constitution by fanatical and over-zealous religionists.  

If not now, then when. While I am no fatalist, I fear for our future if we continue to sit on the sidelines and let ourselves be deceived that the "Four Horsemen" alone will be enough to prevent the faithful (filthful?)from completely dismantling our human right to think for ourselves.

You will have to register at the site in order sign the petition. Please don't let your paranoia prevent you from standing up for the freedoms that you (I) hold dear and true. The revolution for intellectual freedom continues.

Peace out.

Ps. Canadians need not apply. 

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