this would be laughable if current members of Congress (and apparently Republican governors) didn't take this so seriously. the fact that elected officials seem so engrossed by fairy tales is quite startling, IMO. 

here's the good news - i'm sensing a comeback for Harold Camping! 

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My grandparents, and generations uncountable before them, felt it their sacred duty to indoctrinate young children so that they wouldn't stray from their understanding of God's path.  Had there been force of law among our hillbilly tribes it might have been illegal not to do so.  It was socially unacceptable to raise a child without proper God values, which is why I thank Dog that my parents got me out of this hell hole when I was an infant.

We settled in the pagan outpost of Manitou Springs, Colorado when I was a few months old (early 1950s), not because my parents were pagans (Mom was a devout Baptist) but because it was a place where they wouldn't be judged on how they raised their child.  And so I got to grow up without social pressure to accept any god belief.

Mom & Dad would have been strongly rebuked for raising a heathen child back in Carolina, and indeed we had a cross burned on our lawn after we moved back there.

I can't fault those who live here for indoctrinating their children, even though it cripples their brains and perpetuates ignorance.  To do otherwise might give them a chance to experience reality, but almost certainly sentences them to profound social ostracism.  The extreme religious fundamentalism that exists here, and indeed calls all the shots, is not something that any individual is going to change very much.  To raise a contrarian child here is to doom her to marginal status if not outright physical attack.

And so even the least superstitious hear appeal to popular gods in order to not seem unacceptably non-deferential to local mores.  If you were running for dog catcher in Pickens County, SC and let slip that you might not believe that Jesus Christ is your personal savior and that your actions might not always be predicated on His Word, you'd have no chance in hell of being elected, and a pretty good chance of being physically attacked.

This is all carried out by the 'good people' in their churches while singing hymns of love,  That 'love' apparently is conditional.


 Here we are and here we go again.This time it is End Time and Syria.

 Their bags are packed and ready to leave the planet.

 Actually with no bags !! The Believers will do whatever is necessary to have and make the Rapture a possibility. They Go alive or dead.

 My personal experience as and with the Fundamental Christians should be very enlightening but at the present not so.I am really concerned about My and Your Welfare.

My step father says we are "living in the very last part of the last days." I'm waiting for the time that we are living in the very last part of the latter part of the last days. If enough time goes by we can have a book of last days and then divide that into chapter and verse. It would help all these fundy authors who write stupid books saying nothing, but the gullible believes it all and swallows it hook, line, and sinker. Anything happening in Syria, of course, is a prelude to the "last days" and just falls right on in there. How strange that the writings of bronze age nomadic tribesmen contained the history of the entire world. The narrow minded even wants to make that the history of the universe. (Know it ALL right here folks.)

Of course, you are going to be raptured out of this world. YOU because you are important, and the rapture hasn't happened yet. This way YOU are a part of history. Everyone knows that the modern Christian is tortured, murdered, and reviled more than any followers in the past, so Jebus will return and "take you" before your burdens become more than you can bear. Graves will be opened as well. The heathen world at large will see all of those opened graves at rapture time and concoct lies to cover the event. We will be told about the outer space zombies who came here to eat rotting dead bodies, and we have to fight them off. Really the world will be fighting against Jebus and his heavenly army. (We must never fight against anything that involves Jebus if we are believers.)

What? You don't think your body is going. Well, read it all again, or let's talk about Casper the friendly ghost. Maybe he was the holy ghost.


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