Enough already - take down the Brother Richard article from the banner

simple request - there are lots of good posts by members here.  i liked the Brother Richard piece, although i'd prefer just to call you Richard.  but it's time to take that months old post on Michael Sams down from the head of the page.  so please, whoever runs this site, ditch that.  i'm all for LGBT rights, but that's not the most important thing happening in the secular world right now.  they are winning their battle.  we're still terribly behind in ours.  maybe put a well written Hobby Lobby article, or something from the Satanists who are carrying us on their backs in it's place.  perhaps adding an atheist article per day on top of the page would help drive discussion.  i'm just spitballing here but i think there are ways we could improve the user experience here at A/N.  it seems like the admin is asleep at the wheel.    

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Freethinker31, It seems to me that a person has the right and responsibility to express an opinion, if shared or not by the crowd. 

Patricia, I think you have a good reason for preferring it be removed.

Daniel, I appreciate your point of view and acknowledge I am a prude, a Victorian , asexual, and a hypocrite.

That said, we each have the right and responsibility to express our opinions. Thanks for sharing.  

Joan, as far as I'm concerned, you can almost do no wrong,  And you have here, the right to express opinion.  Otherwise why have this site?

What bothers me here us it feels like there is a bandwagon people are jumping on about this topic, rather than thinking about why it bothers them and why this us the one Br. Richard post that is so bothersome.  I saw the kiss as affection, not sexual.  The post isn't about a kiss, it's about the newsperson's hypocrisy.   It seems everyone else sees it as sexual.  But no one notices the clearly sexual book ad, which to me seems to objectify women.

Im not asking for that ad to be changed.  It's not different from a million others.  The header, no problem from me asking for that to be changed.  I just want people to think for a moment about the context of this discussion.

Daniel, I like your distinction. Why does a kiss, any kiss, bother me? Very good question. Whether a kiss of affection or of sexual foreplay, the photo bothers me. And, again you are correct, I have no reaction to the woman being lifted by two male strippers, I didn't even notice that photo and the hypocrisy it represents. I also have no reaction to the objectification of a woman in the book adv. 

I like your calling this to my attention, I need to look at my reaction. OH! that opens up a sore spot; old wounds not healed. 

That said, I will be glad when the topic returns to celebrations of being an atheist.

I'm upset by anyone kissing openly in public. Some say oh, that's so nice because they are in love. I say it's all a show. They are putting on a show for me. I hate to see a man/woman couple in a store and they kiss and have their hands up each others ass. What the hell is that about? I think people like this are very insecure.

Agreed.  And I don't like to see it when my grandchildren are watching as well.  What public displays of affection will be the norm when they're older?  I'm all for LGBT rights too, it's not that I object to at all, plus it does seem that it's mostly straight young couples with something to prove who put on these displays. 

Showing  of  affection in public always  made  me  uncomfortable....I thought  it was just  me so it is nice  that I am   not  alone  thinking  this....There is a time  and place for that, usually in a  private setting......Remember  that  expression..`Get a Room.'    I believe it was a nice way  of  saying `Hey, not in my face'......I used  to  wait  on people  when I was working and sometimes  there would be a couple  standing  right  in front of  me, who could  not  keep their  hands  off each  other.....I thought  that  was so rude....Maybe it  is just  exhibition  but  still  unacceptable...

Darrel Ray's book cover is just what I would expect to see on a book titled "Sex & God."  In the same vein, seeing a photo of two men kissing is just what I would expect to see accompanying an article with a gay theme.  Neither one is a big deal to me.  I guess each of us draws a line between the threshold of what is a cute and appropriate public display of affection and what is improper and just plain gratuitous.  Of course that line will be marked in different places for each person.  One couple's sentiment of love is another couple's vulgar display of pornography.  But that is an entire subject unto itself.   

Back to the topic at hand......

I agree, the main page should be less static.  I really like the suggestions promoting displays of different atheist quotations.  The idea of having it changed daily I think is a bit too much work.  I propose having a different quote weekly with a photo of the person and a link (perhaps to Wikipedia) about that person.  That would be quite nice and educational as well.  

I initially liked the suggestions to have links posted to relevant and timely news stories, but when thinking it through further, isn't that what is already being done in the list of forum topics and in our groups?  This is our community, and I like the idea that we are already discussing the topics which are important to us.  The most talked about topics stay near the top of the list and generate a lot of coverage and response. 

I browse through several atheist sites and enjoy some of them, but continue to prefer Atheist Nexus because of all the different topics available to us. I also like Hang with Friends, because it is kind of a stream of consciousness site, whatever is on our minds. One atheist site has very strict rules about atheist topics only. I am more than an atheist, I am a citizen of my nation and the world, I value understanding current events and educating myself on economics, education, politics, religion, science and how they impact or are impacted by atheism. They are a little bit like different facets of me, such as a cut diamond, turning on the wheel with sparkles coming from different sources of light. 

Yes, Mindy, we are friends. 

I like your cut diamond analogy, Joan.  Beautifully stated.  **Group hug.**



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