Enough already - take down the Brother Richard article from the banner

simple request - there are lots of good posts by members here.  i liked the Brother Richard piece, although i'd prefer just to call you Richard.  but it's time to take that months old post on Michael Sams down from the head of the page.  so please, whoever runs this site, ditch that.  i'm all for LGBT rights, but that's not the most important thing happening in the secular world right now.  they are winning their battle.  we're still terribly behind in ours.  maybe put a well written Hobby Lobby article, or something from the Satanists who are carrying us on their backs in it's place.  perhaps adding an atheist article per day on top of the page would help drive discussion.  i'm just spitballing here but i think there are ways we could improve the user experience here at A/N.  it seems like the admin is asleep at the wheel.    

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I think there's a difference that we should perhaps make between the sweet quick kiss and the attempt at a tongue-in tonsillectomy done in public. I think the kind of kissing that is objected to here is the kind that is a sexual kiss rather than an affectionate one. 

I rarely see sexualized kissing in public. It is nearly always as innocent as the Michael Sams type of kiss.

OK, folks.  Time for a little honesty and self-reflection.  This has been an interesting discussion.  Especially since some of the responses here have been just as hypocritical as those Brother Richard was exposing in his original blog post. 

Quite a few people mentioned that the main page header was stale and old and needed to be changed.  The distinction was also made that this had nothing to do with the picture of two men kissing.  However, subsequent posts indicated that the photo was indeed inappropriate and a little too graphic.  Only once was it mentioned that the header was stale and old and needed to be changed with the distinction made that this had nothing to do with the picture of a woman standing between two bawdy male strippers.  For some reason many of you are put off by seeing two fully-clothed men kissing during a joyous moment but don't seem to be bothered by two half naked non-kissing strippers.     

Daniel (Sentient Biped) also brought up a good point about the "Sex & God" ad on the right-hand side of this page.  That half naked woman has been there for well over one year but has not suffered the same public complaint of being stale and old or inappropriate.  And that advertisement is on every single page, not just on the main page.

It's been said, and I agree, that humor can be an effective method of making an important point.  So with that in mind I post the following cartoon.  I hope all of you can see the hypocrisy. 

Carl, your cartoon is good and to the point. I think what it brings out mostly is that women might be more honest with their sexuality. Men can claim that gay sex liberation is OK with them, but the bottom line for straight men is that they can watch 2 women easily but they do not want to watch 2 men. From where I sit that seems to be the norm.

I still say that I have seen 2 people all over each other out in public and it turns me off. Of course, it was a man and a woman but what I have witnessed was worse than any movie. It was a sham and a put on. If people are this much into each other in public the idea is that nobody else exits. What it tells me is that these 2 people are very insecure. What I am talking about is heavy sexual kissing. Therefore I'm against public displays of affection.

Then again, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Carl, I am so fortunate to have such kind and caring friends as you and Daniel who called our attention to the significance of our reactions and how they reveal aspects of ourselves in relation to kissing, sexuality, denial and conscious and unconscious motivators. This is a perfect example of not having free-will. There are things going on in our minds that we are not aware of and which dictate how we act. 

That said, I do wish I could see positive aspects of atheism on the header, even as I support GLBTQT rights. There are so many things I want to learn. This episode is an excellent example of becoming aware of my own thinking processes. 

Thanks Michael and Joan.

Yes, I definitely want to see the main page header "freshened-up" a bit as well, especially on a regular basis.  There are some really good suggestions here, but I'm not sure how much time and energy Brother Richard has to make that happen.  I guess we just wait and see.   

It would be interesting if the picture of the female talk show host with her strippers could be removed so we could see just the kiss



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