I had a discussion with a Zeitgeist-head (I had no choice in the matter; he initiated it.) wherein he proceeded to be a total ideologue and jack himself off about how awesome geothermal power is. Personally, geothermal power worries the shit out of me. It is essentially praised as a great panacea in Zeitgeist.

The Zeitgeist movement also intends to achieve a world devoid of the complications related to money. While there may be a way to achieve this, the type of system that Zeitgeist fans espouse will suffer more from lacking the solution that money itself provides. Money provides a fungible medium of exchange which, not to sound like a Capitalist Ideologue myself, enables people who want something or have something to avoid the problem of coincidence of wants. I jokingly conclude, in order to dismiss the silliness of Zeitgeisters, that they've never played with K'nex, since my own intuitive understanding of opportunity costs comes from the resource allocation issues of working with an extremely finite number of any of the kinds of pieces that I happened to be working with at the time.

Money and the motive for profit and what profit can bring provide the incentive for people to do things are outrageously stupid without a system of money and which bring greater benefits than would have been received had they not done that.

What any of this has to do with entropy isn't much--only much to do with a loose interpretation of entropy as disorder. Life is possible, in the loose interpretation of entropy, being an increase of order, due to the decrease of order in the sun. As such, if we take order from the Earth, we may lead prematurely to the death of the Earth for our purposes. That's the reason I'm quite literally afraid of using geothermal power.

I'm sorry that I couldn't organize my thoughts in this more orderedly.

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I encountered a Zeitgeister in a different Ning community. I was astounded with the ideological dogma to which this individual held. To make matters more prickly, he always closed his posts with well wishing karma and namaste cliches to ward off out-right flame responses. To me, it was yet another example of simplistic responses to very complex human problems: do away with monetary systems. As I recall, there was also an element of futuristic thinking of creating a world wide technological nanny wish-fulfillment system so that no one on the planet will ever be in want of the basic necessities of life.

As for your anxiety of geothermal, I am not sure I follow your line of thinking. Extracting energy from within the earth and releasing it into the local solar system is how I would interpret this. The reduction of available energy in the sub-crustal system of the earth due to human extraction appears to be the unknown: would this energy loss result in unintended changes in the earth's physical systems....?
My thinking was a bit pseudoscientific: 1. Earth's magnetic field is necessary to save us from certain dangers from outer space. 2. Earth's magnetic field is generated due to the liquid outer core. 3. Freezing ("solidifying") is an exothermic process. 4. If we take energy from Earth via any further exploitation of geothermal opportunities than already bleed energy out from inside the Earth, then we'll be accelerating our destruction in the long run.

The way I originally thought of it was couched in terms of "entropy".
There is a whole lot more outer core than the surface of the earth. I think it would take a very long time to make a significant impact on the overall integrity of said core. Chaos theory not included of course.
Not only would it take a very long time to extract much of the Earth's heat energy via geothermal, it would be hard to keep up with all the warming energy falling on the Earth from the sun. I very much doubt we'd need to be concerned for at least a thousand years, by which time, we should totally converted to solar or fusion.
I wouldn't trust Zeitgeisters to not be sheisty. People are lazy in groups, and Zeitgeisters are people. If people start using geothermal power with the sort of predatory zest to which humankind has historically been prone (as in our predatory pursuits of petroleum) then we'll end up dependent on it until we realize that our utter dependence on it is going to kill us.
Don't even get me started on geo-thermal; oh what the hell--

The problem with geo-thermal is that it doesn't work everywhere. You need a spot on the crust thin enough that we can access that heat.

That Iceland can have fully functioning geo-thermal is fantastic. I'm happy for them. But they happen to live on one of the few pieces of land where the Earth is opening up. The same can't be said of everywhere else. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a lovely geological accident for Icelanders, but the rest of us can't tap into it. Places with crust that shallow is either too deep underwater to access or too isolated to reasonably distribute that power across the world.

I'm really getting tired of shallow panaceas coming from sources like Zeitgeist who allege that there is or are free or cheap solutions readily available that, for some reason, no scientist has won a Nobel Prize for discovering and no greedy business man is exploiting. To believe the claims made in Zeitgeist, one would have to believe that a) there is a worldwide conspiracy against something and b) a worldwide movement could fix it; both of which require levels of global cooperation that I just don't believe humanity is capable of.
I haven't seen Zeitgeist and don't plan to, but I can't think of a reason why dry rock geothermal wouldn't work. Basically, any part of the crust is plenty warm if you drill down a ways. Inject cold water in one pipe, and steam comes out another pipe. Run it thru a turbine in a closed loop and presto! Seems reasonable in principle, using existing technologies. There are pilot projects under way, according to the Wikipedia article.
Some amusing observations from the squabbling on Wikipedia about Zeitgeist.

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