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This is still a work in progress, however I've recently created a philosophy-based app in Java, which runs on any PC or Mac, which presents some selected portions and quotes from the work of ancient Epicurean philosophers. It can display quotes at random as well as navigate through them.

Included are selected portions from the works of Epicurus, Democritus (as an important precursor), Diogenes Laertius, Cicero, as well as a bit of of Thomas Jefferson's writing on Epicureanism. All have been formatted into bite-sized quotes in addition to allowing portions of these works to be read sequentially.

Expect more to come from this. It's a completely free and open source project. I hope this provides some food for thought as well as educational value, and perhaps even some personally helpful information.

You can download it here:

Wisdom of the Epicurean Philosophers


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