My grandmothers had no personal or professional rights. They could not deny their husband sex, even if it meant babies arrived every 11 or 12 months until their bodies gave out. They could not inherit their father's property, nor could they have bank accounts. They could not vote, could not speak out in church, attempt to influence policies or practices in the home, business, or politics. 

My mother responded to the WW II effort when I was five years old by taking a man's job at Kaiser Rolling Mill doing the work that men had done before the war when the drafted men left. She did not receive the wages that male wage workers received before they left and when the war ended, she was given a pink slip and could not submit an application for work. She returned to school to get a nursing degree when I was in high school and did not earn a living wage when she entered the paid labor force as a trained, registered nurse. 

When I left my husband I could not get a bank account without a male signature as surety nor could I get credit under my name.  The jobs open to me were "women's" jobs, low pay, little consideration for the needs of the family unless the employer gave time off for having a baby, taking care of children, or when a family elder needed care. Employers and the law considered women as part-time workers or not needing a living wage because of the expectations that the family received support from his earnings. 

Before the war, there were not enough wage workers to fill the job opportunities. After the war, and since the globalization of production, more and more men lost the ability to support families when Third World countries supplied cheaper labor forces. Many men took traditional women's jobs, such as nursing, teaching, and service job, all traditionally low paying jobs. 

In 1975, the wealth gap began to spread and continues to spread to this day. 

We need more women and men support the Equal Rights Amendment. Men and women, husbands and wives, wages workers of all gender and racial identities need to join together to make the U.S. fair and equitable to all citizens. People of other races than mine need to join in the effort for Equal Rights as do people of all sexual orientations. I can tell my perception, others need to share theirs. 

Trump's Sexism Provokes New Effort to Pass the ERA

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Yeah. I have a brother in law who used to be an admirable free thinker until a judge and these AA jerks got a grip on him. What a blatant and daily violation of the separation clause.

I read one study that said most young women believe the ERA has already passed!  They have more to worry about than equality -- until they realize they're constantly missing out, a little at a time.

Jerry, that is what happens, "they're constantly missing out, a little at a time." Over the course of a lifetime of missing out, they become especially vulnerable to poverty in their senior years. 

When we married in the dim past of the early 1970's my wife could not get credit in her name. I was experienced enough to know of reasons for not jointly owning property so we tried to put our home in her name alone. Banks would not allow it. I had to pay it off before I was "allowed" to "give it to her" at the county land office. When her first car went to the great junk yard in the sky, she was not able to get a car loan in her name, nor was I allowed to co-sign the loan if it were in her name. But the very same bank happily made the loan in my name as principal borrower requiring her to co-sign and be responsible for the debt anyway. In our rural part of Virginia there simply were NO jobs for women the only city nearby was an industrial one with even less opportunity for women. Oh, there were secretarial and nursing jobs-pay wasn't worth it  and competition for the few openings was hellish. Any wonder why we dropped off the grid and became self employed for decades? It was to opt out of the common society that perpetuated these sorts of things for males and females alike. That's a point that needs to be emphasized. Lack of ERA allows the oppression and curtailing of rights for everyone both females and males of all ethnicities and life orientations. Everyone has a stake. Limitations of the rights of one spreads limitations and burdens onto all who are involved with them as we found out long ago. So yes Joan, males need to be supporting ERA because of self interest even if not because of principles!



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